Why Franklin?

Franklin Apprenticeships is on a mission to change the American workforce. It’s as simple, and powerful, as that.

The potential of apprenticeships for the American economy is immense. Apprenticeships provide an onramp into meaningful careers for underemployed and unemployed individuals while filling critical skills gaps and sparking economic growth. But the truth is that most American companies simply don’t have the time or expertise to recruit, train and manage apprenticeship programs. That’s where Franklin comes in. We understand the challenges that businesses face when establishing apprenticeship programs because, first and foremost, our company is run by business people.

We partner with companies, ranging from the largest Fortune 500 corporations to thriving small businesses, to create and deliver top-quality apprenticeship programs at scale. Then, we recruit the right talent, deliver the right training at the right time, and coach the apprentice and the employer every step of the way.

Our approach has been developed in collaboration with the world’s premier experts on apprenticeships, top specialists in technical training and education, and the nation’s best employers. It is based on our conviction that modern apprenticeships have the potential to reshape how employers hire workers, how educators develop skills, and how individuals begin new careers.

Franklin Apprenticeships is named after one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who himself started out as an apprentice at his brother’s printing press. As an inventor, author, statesman and scientist, Franklin was an advocate for learning by doing, honing both skills and knowledge, not only for self-advancement but also for national prosperity.


“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin