One universal business truth in any industry is this: it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go find a new one. It’s always a challenge to cultivate new customers, but it gets even harder when you can’t meet face to face or gather at networking events.

Given the difficulty of keeping the new-business pipeline flowing, it’s no surprise that many businesses are focusing even more than usual on customer retention. One study shows that nearly three-quarters of customers surveyed remain loyal to a brand because of friendly customer service reps, and another shows that those loyal customers spend significantly more.

Businesses Investing in Customer Experience

A recent survey from SuperOffice shows that businesses are taking note of these trends: nearly half of the responding businesses said that their top priority is providing the best customer experience. In other words, they’re devoting more attention to serving their customers than to their actual product or service.

The Technical Side of Customer Service

As an apprentice in a help desk position, your role in customer service seems pretty obvious: solve whatever issues the customer might be having. Your apprenticeship path includes a full slate of technical training and certifications to help you do just that, and your Success Coach works with you weekly to keep you on track and on time in checking off each achievement.

Soft Skills in a Help Desk Role

Your value as an apprentice, and eventually an employee, doesn’t end with your technical abilities, however. More important are the so-called ‘soft skills’ that allow you deal with people – customers and co-workers alike – more effectively. A help desk representative who solves the customer’s problem is one thing. A help desk representative who solves the customer’s problem and leaves them feeling good about the interaction and much more likely to recommend the company to others? That’s the Holy Grail for hiring managers.

That’s why your Success Coaching as a Franklin Apprentice includes not only technical skills but a great deal of attention to those soft skills like leadership, problem solving and solutions-focused thinking. We want you to be great at what you do and how you do it, whether you’re communicating with customers verbally via phone calls or in writing with email or live chat.

That well-rounded skill set equips you to provide the experience customers want. That results in more customers, and that means a very happy employer.

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