Want to know which tech roles are currently most in demand, and which are expected to remain that way into the future? Google is your friend here … a simple search will turn up any number of “Top X In-Demand Tech Jobs” posts.

So how well does all that demand mesh with the career paths available through IT apprenticeships? Let’s take a look:

Network Engineer

A network engineer creates and maintains network infrastructure, connectivity and security, and it’s possible that there’s never been more demand. The pandemic forced a sudden shift to a work-from-home (WFH) model and many companies have had to scramble to make that possible while maintaining their security.

Many have been unsuccessful with the security component of that model, and some estimates report an increase of more than 300% in ransomware and other malware incidents. There’s a great deal at stake here, and these security concerns will not go away whether users are working remotely or not. Network engineer and cyber demand will remain high.

Help Desk

Virtually every one of those “Top Tech Jobs” lists includes help desk/desktop support professionals, and with good reason. As more services move online, and as businesses deploy technology in new ways, the users of these products and services will have issues.

Another factor in the demand here is that companies often have a hard time finding new hires who have both the technical skills to identify and solve problems and the communications skills to properly serve their customers. That’s why the Franklin Success Coaching model includes not only IT certifications but mentoring on ‘soft skills’ like communication, customer service excellence and leadership. Armed with that well-rounded skill set, you’ll be very much in demand.

Enterprise Computing

It’s a common misconception that enterprise, or mainframe, computing has gone out of fashion as the world has moved to the cloud. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nearly every financial transaction we make runs through a mainframe. For a number of reasons, security primary among them, the largest financial institutions rely more than ever on enterprise computing.

In fact, a 2019 report from IBM states that 90% of those already working in enterprise computing believe the field is growing. And 75% believe there’s a shortage of personnel with those skill sets. For those reasons and more, Franklin has partnered with IBM to create pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in enterprise/mainframe computing.

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