Report on Tech Skills and Jobs in 2022

Tech Jobs & Skills Report

Tech Jobs & Skills Report

Franklin Apprenticeships and Lightcast Unveil Comprehensive Report on Tech Skills and Jobs in 2022, Revealing Key Insights into Competitive Tech Job Market

  • Tech occupation job postings increased by nearly 15% in 2022 vs. 2021
  • 124,000 employers were competing for tech workers, a 31% increase vs. 2021
  • Median wages for tech workers reached $106,880, increasing faster than inflation
  • Nearly two in five tech jobs posted each month remained unfilled

Franklin Apprenticeships, a leading provider of tech apprenticeships released a comprehensive report that delves into the state of tech skills and jobs in 2022 in collaboration with Lightcast, a leader in labor market analytics.

The “Tech Jobs & Skills Report – 2022” presents a thorough examination of data collected from 3.76 million unique job postings across 16 tech occupations. Analyzing the period from January to December 2022, the report offers valuable insights into the evolving tech labor market, highlighting the persistent challenges faced by employers when recruiting for tech talent.

“Last year, despite layoffs in the tech sector, the demand for skilled tech workers remained incredibly high; in fact, 17,000 more employers were competing for tech workers than in 2021,” said Jackie Griffin, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Franklin Apprenticeships. “At Franklin, we remain committed to partnering with employers and removing the obstacles that limit the availability of tech talent. Our goal is to provide greater opportunities for individuals who possess the passion and ability to learn on the job through our early-career learning programs and apprenticeships.”

One of the report’s key findings reveals that nearly two in five tech jobs posted each month remained unfilled in 2022. The median wage advertised for tech roles also climbed, reaching $106,880 as employers struggled to attract tech talent.

“The data presented in this report points to the urgent need for innovative approaches in building the tech talent pool, such as apprenticeships,” Rucha Vankudre, Research Director and Senior Economist at Lightcast, added. “As demand continues to grow for skilled tech workers, employers will not be able to find what they need in the labor market without making significant changes to the way they recruit early-career talent.”

The report also emphasizes the continued preference of employers for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, as 51% of tech job postings listed a degree as a minimum requirement. However, both Franklin Apprenticeships and Lightcast advocate for alternative pathways into tech careers, recognizing that a computer science degree is not the sole indicator of potential of success.

Offering crucial insights for tech hiring managers, the report provides guidance on navigating the evolving landscape and addresses the challenges of attracting and retaining top tech talent. It also underscores the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive workforces to drive innovation and success.

Download the full report, which includes detailed analysis, statistics, and recommendations.


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