Our Team

Meredith Millet

Director of Talent Solutions

Best Career Advice Received:

Do what’s right! Always!

Finding the perfect match between candidate and employer is at the very heart of Franklin’s modern apprenticeship program, and Meredith’s 20+ years of experience in the field of recruitment clearly demonstrates that she has the skills necessary to help reshape the American workforce.

Her passion is providing a candidate experience that is positive from beginning to end. From the moment they become an apprentice – earning while they learn from the day they begin – to the day they finish with an industry-recognized certification, Meredith is there to advocate for each individual committed to building a brighter future through apprenticeship.

We are all on a journey; the key is to discover the best path for your best future.

When speaking with and meeting prospective apprentices, Meredith’s goal is to work closely with each individual to uncover their unique career journey, and to strategically and intentionally unlock their specific doorway to success.

Meredith has volunteered for ten years with the American Diabetes Association as an Advocate, Fundraiser, and Public Speaker. She recently helped found the Diabetes Caregiver Outreach Group at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

An accomplished marathon runner, Meredith also counts herself as a travel enthusiast who loves walking her dog and exploring the great outdoors.