The Role of Coaching in Apprenticeships

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While coaching has long been embraced at the executive level in business, more and more organizations are recognizing its value throughout all levels of their workforces and embracing a culture of coaching. Here’s a brief look at how coaching fits into the picture for tech apprenticeships. Coaching vs. managing Separating the concept of coaching from [...]

Apprenticeships in America: Catching Up

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It’s no secret that the United States has lagged behind Europe – and specifically the United Kingdom – in the adoption of apprenticeships. Why is that, and are we closing the gap? A few statistics for perspective: As recently as 2014, an article in The Atlantic noted that only about five percent of young people [...]

Can Apprenticeship Fight Inequality?

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The battle against inequality continues to be front and center throughout American society, and especially in the workplace, as employers devote more and more attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). While there is neither a single cause nor a single cure for inequality in the workplace, our educational system undoubtedly plays a role. Students [...]

How Old is Too Old to Begin an Apprenticeship?

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Many of our apprentices are just beginning their professional lives. Some are fresh out of college, while others are choosing a different path from the traditional four-year degree and getting started straight from high school. Most are career changers. Perhaps neither of those applies to your situation. Maybe you already have some professional experience under [...]

Replaced By a Robot? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Tech Careers

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You’ve seen the headlines about all the jobs that will be obsolete in the near future because of the burgeoning use of artificial intelligence (AI), and for decades we’ve heard about factory workers and other repetitive-task roles being replaced by robots. So how real is the threat? Does it make sense to pursue a tech [...]

The Soft Side of Tech for Help Desk Professionals

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One universal business truth in any industry is this: it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go find a new one. It’s always a challenge to cultivate new customers, but it gets even harder when you can’t meet face to face or gather at networking events. Given the difficulty of keeping the new-business [...]

Tech Apprenticeships: The U.K. Shows the Way

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While acceptance of tech apprenticeships in the United States is growing exponentially, the concept has had a big head start in Europe, and specifically in the United Kingdom. So, if you want a glimpse of the future as it relates to apprenticeships in America, the U.K. is a great place to start. Some solid research [...]

Training for In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2021

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Want to know which tech roles are currently most in demand, and which are expected to remain that way into the future? Google is your friend here … a simple search will turn up any number of “Top X In-Demand Tech Jobs” posts. So how well does all that demand mesh with the career paths [...]

Network Engineers in a Work-From-Home Environment

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Among the main learning tracks in IT apprenticeships is the role of network engineer. Apprentices on this path learn on the job and achieve certifications leading to status as a fully-qualified network engineer. But with more and more people working at home, is there still demand for that role? Absolutely. Here’s why: The Network Engineer [...]

No College, No Debt, No Problem

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Not so long ago, young people completing their secondary education had a pretty binary choice for the most part: pursue a four-year degree, usually with a big assist from college loans, or learn a blue-collar trade and head into a career as an auto mechanic, carpenter, electrician or the like. There were few clear paths [...]

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