Replaced By a Robot? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Tech Careers

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You’ve seen the headlines about all the jobs that will be obsolete in the near future because of the burgeoning use of artificial intelligence (AI), and for decades we’ve heard about factory workers and other repetitive-task roles being replaced by robots. So how real is the threat? Does it make sense to pursue a tech [...]

The Top 8 Soft Skills for Tech Professionals

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In a recent post we addressed the increasing need for tech professionals with solid “soft skills;” that is, not only the required technical training to fill a given role, but the ability to interact effectively with others. When the topic of soft skills comes up we immediately think of customer service. And help desk personnel [...]

The Soft Side of Tech for Help Desk Professionals

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One universal business truth in any industry is this: it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go find a new one. It’s always a challenge to cultivate new customers, but it gets even harder when you can’t meet face to face or gather at networking events. Given the difficulty of keeping the new-business [...]

Can the Restaurant Industry Rebound? And Should You Wait Until it Does?

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Few sectors have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than the restaurant and foodservice industries, and vast numbers of workers remain unemployed or underemployed. If you’re one of them, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as vaccinations become more widespread, but it’s likely to be a while before business is [...]

No College, No Debt, No Problem

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Not so long ago, young people completing their secondary education had a pretty binary choice for the most part: pursue a four-year degree, usually with a big assist from college loans, or learn a blue-collar trade and head into a career as an auto mechanic, carpenter, electrician or the like. There were few clear paths [...]

Still Hiring for a Cultural Fit? Or a Better Culture?

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When you interview a candidate, you’re probably looking for not only the technical skills required for any given position, but also a sense that the person sitting across from you (or on the other end of that Zoom call) shares the attitudes, values and beliefs you associate with your organization … the so-called “cultural fit.” [...]

Tech Apprenticeships: Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

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By design, apprenticeships address many significant issues faced by hiring managers and their organizations. Are apprenticeships still a viable answer in these times of remote work and budget cuts? A new report says, emphatically, “yes.” The report, titled “Advancing Tech Apprenticeships,” was produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), who in conjunction with IBM have [...]

Tech Hires: Onboarding in a Work-From-Home Environment

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Finding and training new hires is hard enough in normal times, and the work-from-home (WFH) environment has added many new layers of difficulty to the process. How do you onboard a new team member when they’re literally not on board? It’s no wonder many companies have hit the hiring “Pause” button. You absolutely can find [...]

The Role of Trade Unions in the US Apprenticeship Arena

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An Interview with Dr. John Gaal, Director of Training & Workforce Development, STL-KC Carpenters Regional Council You run apprenticeship programs in the states. What is the role of trade unions in delivering high quality programs? I have served as the Director of Training & Workforce Development for the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council since 2003. [...]

OneFile Introduces Apprenticeship Software to US Audience

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An Interview with Co-founder Susanna Lawson, Queen’s Award Winner for Innovation  In October 2015, Susanna Lawson, One File Ltd Co- founder and Sales Director and Queen’s Award Winner for Innovation presented OneFile to the US market at the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum. OneFile is a UK company, established in 2002, which works on building and managing [...]

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