Still Hiring for a Cultural Fit? Or a Better Culture?

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When you interview a candidate, you’re probably looking for not only the technical skills required for any given position, but also a sense that the person sitting across from you (or on the other end of that Zoom call) shares the attitudes, values and beliefs you associate with your organization … the so-called “cultural fit.” [...]

Tech Apprenticeships: Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

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By design, apprenticeships address many significant issues faced by hiring managers and their organizations. Are apprenticeships still a viable answer in these times of remote work and budget cuts? A new report says, emphatically, “yes.” The report, titled “Advancing Tech Apprenticeships,” was produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), who in conjunction with IBM have [...]

The Path to a Successful Tech Apprenticeship Program

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Employers about to take the leap into apprenticeship programs frequently ask us what actions they can take that will lead to the most successful outcomes. Here’s our advice for launching a program that maximizes the benefits to both your organization and its apprentices. Think long term. As a hiring manager, you often need to plug [...]

Bridging the Gap Between Community College Grads and Employers

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Apprenticeship Programs Provide Critical Training And Resources For Both Students And Employers. Surveys and studies concur: The skills gap between what college grads offer employers and what grads actually need to succeed in their new careers is very real. The American Association of Community Colleges issued a report in 2012, Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges [...]

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