New Report Outlines Options for US Apprenticeship Policy Changes

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Ryan Craig and Tom Bewick are labor market and education experts with a vision. Craig is Managing Director of University Ventures, in addition to being speaker, writer, and analyst on 21st century workforce and education issues. Bewick is President of the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange forum, co-founder of Franklin Apprenticeships, and former advisor on apprenticeships to the British Government.

7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

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Re-imagined Programs Create Win-Win Opportunities for Everyone.  At the recent Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference in London, Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Tom Bewick chaired a panel discussion about American Apprenticeship expansion. Bewick, a source of knowledge for UK apprenticeship training providers, led a vibrant discussion about the burgeoning commercial opportunities in the United States, where a major apprenticeship [...]

Open Up the Debate for World Class Apprenticeships: An Introduction to the Knowhow Economy

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Tom Bewick, esteemed partner of Franklin Apprenticeships and leading authority on the expansion and delivery of apprenticeship programs throughout the United States and United Kingdom, authored "World Class Apprenticeships: Are They the Answer to the Age of Stagnation?" a paper that sheds light on the need for global apprenticeship reform. Bewick’s research — derived from roundtable discussions [...]

Why Benjamin Franklin Is Our Inspiration

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We’re proud to associate our company with Benjamin Franklin. He was born in Boston at a time when America was still a British colony. He died as one of the founding fathers of the United States: a nation that came to surpass Great Britain as the world’s most powerful economy little more than a century after [...]