The Growing Technological Skills Gap in the Wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Are Apprenticeships an Answer? We have faced three industrial revolutions, and, according to the World Economic Forum, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is imminent. On the coat tails of the Third Industrial Revolution of 1969, which brought us mass production, this next phase is a technological revolution, described as “the advent of ‘cyber-physical systems’ involving entirely new [...]

New Company, Franklin Apprenticeships, Aims To Modernize American Apprenticeships

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May 31, 2017, Washington DC. -- In an announcement made today,  Franklin Apprenticeships, dedicated to modernizing and organizing an American apprenticeship industry, launches its innovative new company. Aimed at revitalizing an age-old practice to bring hope to America’s 21st century workforce issues, Franklin Apprenticeships wants to invigorate practical, real-life workforce training and development. Originally announced at [...]

7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

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Re-imagined Programs Create Win-Win Opportunities for Everyone.  At the recent Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference in London, Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Tom Bewick chaired a panel discussion about American Apprenticeship expansion. Bewick, a source of knowledge for UK apprenticeship training providers, led a vibrant discussion about the burgeoning commercial opportunities in the United States, where a major apprenticeship [...]