Your Next Great Hire Could Be Right Under Your Nose

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Are you overlooking the skilled talent in your workforce? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.  Only 28% of talent acquisition leaders today consider internal candidates when looking to fill vacancies. Laura Randell, CEO of global recruitment strategy and HR technology consulting company PeopleMatters, explains, “In highly evolved organizations where succession planning and performance [...]

The Growing Technological Skills Gap in the Wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Are Apprenticeships an Answer? We have faced three industrial revolutions, and, according to the World Economic Forum, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is imminent. On the coat tails of the Third Industrial Revolution of 1969, which brought us mass production, this next phase is a technological revolution, described as “the advent of ‘cyber-physical systems’ involving entirely new [...]

New Company, Franklin Apprenticeships, Aims To Modernize American Apprenticeships

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May 31, 2017, Washington DC. -- In an announcement made today,  Franklin Apprenticeships, dedicated to modernizing and organizing an American apprenticeship industry, launches its innovative new company. Aimed at revitalizing an age-old practice to bring hope to America’s 21st century workforce issues, Franklin Apprenticeships wants to invigorate practical, real-life workforce training and development. Originally announced at [...]

7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

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Re-imagined Programs Create Win-Win Opportunities for Everyone.  At the recent Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference in London, Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Tom Bewick chaired a panel discussion about American Apprenticeship expansion. Bewick, a source of knowledge for UK apprenticeship training providers, led a vibrant discussion about the burgeoning commercial opportunities in the United States, where a major apprenticeship [...]