Franklin Apprenticeships CEO Discusses Tomorrow’s Advanced Manufacturing Talent – Gen Z

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In a recent article published in, Kim Nichols, Franklin Apprenticeships Founder and CEO, explains why Gen Z is a “match made by mother nature” for Advanced Manufacturers and apprenticeships. Apprenticeship programs are becoming increasingly attractive to manufacturers, worldwide.  Yet, despite testimony from progressive US manufacturers who leverage apprenticeships to develop, grow, and retain workers in [...]

Kim Nichols Published In

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The US’ manufacturing industry is facing a talent crisis. There are key roles in the industry that need to be filled by skilled workers, and the country doesn’t have enough. In an article published in December 2017, Kim Nichols, CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships discusses the need enhance and modernize America’s apprenticeship programs. According to a recent [...]

Kim Nichols from Franklin Apprenticeships chats about the USA Apprenticeship system at the Apprenticeship 4 England conference [Video]

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Last week was National Apprenticeship Week in the UK, where hundreds attended the annual Apprenticeship 4 England conference. Franklin Apprenticeships Founder Kim Nichols was interviewed about the future of the US apprenticeship movement. She shares Franklin Apprenticeships' plans to invigorate workforce training and development, and bridge the widening skills gap between young adults entering the workforce [...]

Why Benjamin Franklin Is Our Inspiration

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We’re proud to associate our company with Benjamin Franklin. He was born in Boston at a time when America was still a British colony. He died as one of the founding fathers of the United States: a nation that came to surpass Great Britain as the world’s most powerful economy little more than a century after [...]