Tech Apprenticeships: The U.K. Shows the Way

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While acceptance of tech apprenticeships in the United States is growing exponentially, the concept has had a big head start in Europe, and specifically in the United Kingdom. So, if you want a glimpse of the future as it relates to apprenticeships in America, the U.K. is a great place to start. Some solid research [...]

Training for In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2021

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Want to know which tech roles are currently most in demand, and which are expected to remain that way into the future? Google is your friend here … a simple search will turn up any number of “Top X In-Demand Tech Jobs” posts. So how well does all that demand mesh with the career paths [...]

The Buffalo News: M&T Bank on the hunt for diverse hires for mainframe jobs

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The Buffalo News: M&T Bank mainframe jobs M&T Bank is on the hunt for diverse hires for IBM Z Mainframe jobs. Learn how Franklin Apprenticeships along with IBM and Urban Institute is helping them find and hire mainframe apprentices for their Z Development program. Read Article

Success Story: How Can a Success Coach Help You Start a Tech Career?

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The background: Anne R. was a member of the first cohort of pre-apprentices in the Franklin Apprenticeships/UMBC program in the spring of 2020. It would be safe to say that she felt a bit lost at first. After a few training sessions with her classmates, she wrote to her mentor, a Franklin Success coach: “… [...]

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