Modern Apprenticeships: A Tip for Modern Manufacturers

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Area Development Interviews Franklin Apprenticeships CEO about Modern Apprenticeships In a recent article, Apprenticeships are a Win-Win for Industries and Workers, Area Development’s editor asked our CEO, Kim Nichols, questions regarding today’s perception of manufacturing. They also discussed the status of the adoption of modern apprenticeships for workforce development in the US. This topic is one [...]

Franklin Apprenticeships Beta Launches “AskFranklin”, America’s First National Apprenticeship Job Board

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March 12, 2018 (BALTIMORE, MD) –– In an announcement made today,  Franklin Apprenticeships beta launched “AskFranklin”, America’s first National Apprenticeship Job Board. AskFranklin is the first national apprenticeship job board of its kind that connects employers, aspiring apprentices, and apprenticeship services providers. In addition to apprenticeship job listings, AskFranklin includes content and videos supporting a modern apprenticeship [...]

New Report Outlines Options for US Apprenticeship Policy Changes

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Ryan Craig and Tom Bewick are labor market and education experts with a vision. Craig is Managing Director of University Ventures, in addition to being speaker, writer, and analyst on 21st century workforce and education issues. Bewick is President of the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange forum, co-founder of Franklin Apprenticeships, and former advisor on apprenticeships to the British Government.

Recent Report Validates Room for US Apprenticeship Expansion

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Can Market Facts Change Market Perceptions? A recently released report from Harvard Business School and Burning Glass Technologies validates the fact that there is opportunity to expand US apprenticeships into new fields of occupations.   Room to Grow, Identifying New Frontiers for Apprenticeships analyzed the Burning Glass job postings data and discovered: Ø  The number of occupations [...]

Kim Nichols Published In

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The US’ manufacturing industry is facing a talent crisis. There are key roles in the industry that need to be filled by skilled workers, and the country doesn’t have enough. In an article published in December 2017, Kim Nichols, CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships discusses the need enhance and modernize America’s apprenticeship programs. According to a recent [...]

Who Will Take Care of Mom and Dad?

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Addressing America’s Growing Home Health Aide Crisis Home Health Aides – a member of the Direct Care Workers category alongside Nursing Assistants (usually known as Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs), and Personal Care Aides – is one of the lowest paying fields in not only healthcare, but also in the economy. In 2016, the Bureau of [...]

The Growing Technological Skills Gap in the Wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Are Apprenticeships an Answer? We have faced three industrial revolutions, and, according to the World Economic Forum, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is imminent. On the coat tails of the Third Industrial Revolution of 1969, which brought us mass production, this next phase is a technological revolution, described as “the advent of ‘cyber-physical systems’ involving entirely new [...]

The Role of Trade Unions in the US Apprenticeship Arena

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An Interview with Dr. John Gaal, Director of Training & Workforce Development, STL-KC Carpenters Regional Council You run apprenticeship programs in the states. What is the role of trade unions in delivering high quality programs? I have served as the Director of Training & Workforce Development for the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council since 2003. [...]

OneFile Introduces Apprenticeship Software to US Audience

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An Interview with Co-founder Susanna Lawson, Queen’s Award Winner for Innovation  In October 2015, Susanna Lawson, One File Ltd Co- founder and Sales Director and Queen’s Award Winner for Innovation presented OneFile to the US market at the Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum. OneFile is a UK company, established in 2002, which works on building and managing [...]

7 Problems Apprenticeships Solve That Traditional Education Doesn’t

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Re-imagined Programs Create Win-Win Opportunities for Everyone.  At the recent Celebration of Apprenticeships Conference in London, Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Tom Bewick chaired a panel discussion about American Apprenticeship expansion. Bewick, a source of knowledge for UK apprenticeship training providers, led a vibrant discussion about the burgeoning commercial opportunities in the United States, where a major apprenticeship [...]