IBM Z® Systems Administrator Apprentice

Veteran Story: Todd M.

Veteran Story: Todd M.

Todd M. is currently completing his IBM Z Apprenticeship and employed at Fortune 500 bank. He talks about his journey, transitioning from the United States Navy after 23 years and how the Franklin team has helped him along the way.

Todd says, “So, you’re considering joining up with Franklin Apprenticeships? Stop considering. Just do it. It doesn’t hurt. They’re going to give you training. They’re going to reach out and talk to you, find out how you’re doing, see what you’re having a hard time with and offer guidance as to where to go next.” 

  • Todd talks about his experience transitioning to a new career after 23 years in the U.S. Navy.

    With the help of Franklin, Todd is now working as an IBM Z ® apprentice at a Fortune 500 bank.

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