IBM Z® Systems Administrator Apprentice

Apprentice Story: Michael P.

Apprentice Story: Michael P.

Before starting his journey with Franklin, Michael P. worked as a Service Manager at an industrials company. After successfully completing his journey with Franklin, he’s now graduated from his IBM Z Systems Administrator Apprenticeship at a Fortune 500 bank.

He talks about how his apprenticeship has made his dream of working in tech a reality.

“If you’re considering doing a Franklin Apprenticeship, do it,” Michael advises. “It is the gateway for you to get to that next career move or to the dreams that you thought, you could never get to achieve.”

Michael also discusses how Franklin Success Coaches have been an essential part of his journey.

“Franklin Success Coaches genuinely want you to succeed. For me that means a lot, it makes me feel like I have someone to lean on when I’m frustrated, someone to celebrate with when I feel like I’m accomplished and doing well and someone for me to go to whenever I have questions.”

  • Michael launched his tech career with his IBM Z ® Apprenticeship

    Michael explains how Franklin apprenticeships helped him fulfill his dream of working in tech.

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