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Putting Out Fires: Paul’s Story

Before: Professional Firefighter/EMT

After: Network Services Engineer at Advantage Industries

Paul, Tech Apprentice

Most IT professionals will tell you that a significant share of their time is devoted to “putting out fires.” Paul has a little more experience at this than most, as he came to Franklin Apprenticeships after a career as a professional firefight and EMT. While the work was challenging and rewarding, Paul knew it was not the long-term career path for him.

Paul held a Bachelor of Science degree in Cyber Security prior to becoming a firefighter, but a related position eluded him due to a lack of experience. Franklin Apprenticeships provided a path to that IT career, and getting paid along the way made the transition easier for Paul.

Thanks to the resources and training provided by Franklin, Paul now has a great career opportunity at Advantage Industries. He still has a few fires to put out now and again, but they’re not the dangerous kind.

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