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Constructing a Career: Dakota’s Story

Dakota works for Pearl Solutions Group as a Help Desk Technician, working with ConnectWise to handle about 15 support tickets and seven calls per day and occasionally going out into the field to handle issues. He’s completed three IT certifications and is on the cusp of fully graduating from his IT apprenticeship.

A little over a year ago, Dakota was still moving through a succession of unchallenging jobs at chain restaurants and a small construction firm. Now he has a career and not a job, earns about $40,000 annually and has nothing but more potential ahead of him.

He loves his work and that he’s continuing to learn, and he credits Franklin’s Success Coaching with helping him to develop the habit of using the soft skills he needs to be great on the phone. Thanks to his apprenticeship, he’s been able to leverage a lifelong passion for IT into an in-demand, marketable skill set.

Dakota says his Success Coach, Cindy, was “always pushing me to learn more. This helped me to make my weak areas strong and strong areas even stronger. I love learning.  So the encouragement to learn more was a great thing to hear.”

Dakota is walking proof of the power of apprenticeship in changing lives.

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