SRE – IRAP Complaints Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Franklin Standards Recognition Entity (SRE) has an open and transparent mechanism through which members of the public can file a complaint against one of its IRAP Sponsors or an associated Employer.

An SRE must have policies and procedures for addressing complaints filed by apprentices, prospective apprentices, an apprentice’s authorized representative, a personnel certification body, or an employer against each IRAP the SRE recognizes. An SRE must notify the public about the right of an apprentice, a prospective apprentice, the apprentice’s authorized representative, a personnel certification body, or an employer, to file a complaint with the SRE against an IRAP the complainant is associated with, and the requirements for filing a complaint.


Franklin Apprenticeships aims to achieve the highest possible standards and quality of service to all customers throughout all of our operations.

This policy is intended to cover all IRAPs that have been approved by the Franklin Apprenticeships SRE and to enable individuals to raise concerns that they have with regard to either the IRAP Sponsor or an associated Employer.


We will respond to initial correspondence within 2 working days of receipt of a Franklin Apprenticeships IRAP Complaint Form

We will review and assess the details of the complaint and confirm the actions we will take.

Should further investigation be required, updates will be provided until the issue is concluded.

SRE Complaints Form:

Instructions: Before completing this form, please read all instructions, including the Privacy Act statement below.

To file an SRE complaint:

1. Fill out this SRE Complaints form (Click here for form).

2. Upload the completed SRE Complaints form using the form below in order to file a complaint.

This form constitutes notification that a complaint is being filed with Franklin Apprenticeships against an IRAP Sponsor or an Employer.

Privacy Act Notice: The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that the Franklin Apprenticeships provide the following statements to each individual from whom it requests information.

The authority for collecting this information is the National Apprenticeship Act of 1937.
The submission of this information is voluntary.

The information is used to process complaints under the above Act.

A copy of this complaint will be provided to the sponsor against whom it is filed. The information collected may be verified with persons who have knowledge pertinent to the complaint, may be used in the course of settlement negotiations with the sponsor and/or in the course of presenting evidence at a hearing, or may be disclosed to other agencies with jurisdiction over the complaint. Only the text of your complaint will be disclosed to the Sponsor and/or Employer. To the extent permitted by law, your actual name and address will not be disclosed.

Failure to provide the information will restrict the action the Franklin Apprenticeships can take on your behalf.

Non-Retaliation: Federal (Office of Apprenticeship, “OA”) regulations require sponsors and employers to take all necessary steps to assure that there is no retaliation against any person who files an employment discrimination complaint or alleging a violation of 29 C.F.R. Part 30; opposes employment discrimination; provides information to, assists, or participates in any manner in employment discrimination proceedings; or otherwise takes action that he or she has a right to take under applicable laws and regulations. This includes any intimidation, threat, coercion or discrimination. Please notify the OA State Representative immediately if any alleged attempt at retaliation is made and file a Complaint Form.

All complaints must be filed within 180 days of the alleged incident.

Submit your SRE Complaint Form