Apprenticeships Offer Strategies To Bring Employers A Skilled Workforce


Workforce skill development is a basis for economic growth.  It connects workers to economic opportunity while matching the skill needs of employers in high-demand industries.  Programs in nontraditional industries – those outside of traditional trades – are emerging as priorities for growth in the apprenticeship system.  But, for many workforce boards, execution of apprenticeship programs still have key areas of concern:

  • Shortage of employer participation: Employer involvement is vital to program success. Yet, workforce boards require assistance convincing employers of apprenticeship’s value.
  • Inadequacy of apprentice recruitment: Public perception of apprenticeships are antiquated. Workforce boards need help developing marketing and outreach strategies specific to apprenticeship.
  • Lack of knowledge or capacity for administration and implementation of apprenticeship: Navigating the logistics of apprenticeship programs can be confusing and time-consuming. Standards and policies are evolving, and workforce boards are asking for support maneuvering through the maze of requirements and resources.

State economic development and workforce boards understand the value of apprenticeship to their communities.  Feedback says that programs need to include more hands-on support with planning, execution, funding, replication, and expansion.

Franklin Apprenticeships — a firm dedicated to helping businesses solve skilled labor shortages, communities attract workforce talent, and individuals develop middle skills career pathways through apprenticeship — partners with State Apprenticeship Divisions to support with program definition, administration, funding, and execution.

Reach out to us and learn how we can help grow your State’s workforce.

Our Apprenticeship Management System Is Designed From Best Practice, Proven Apprenticeship Programs Built In The UK.

Franklin Apprenticeships’ programs:

  • Meet the needs of employers.
  • Improve performance outcomes.
  • Develop job-driven recruitment and training.
  • Increase program value for workers and employers.
  • Reduce skills gaps with career pathways.
  • Align K-12, Postsecondary Education, and Workforce Development Systems.

Unlock the workforce potential in your community

We can help you develop a world-class apprenticeship system in your state or region. Build, maintain, and cultivate an apprenticeship ecosystem that grows the skilled workforce employers want and need.

  • Market Growth Strategy –build the vision, business case, and strategic plan, utilize sector strategy to determine industry focus, and understand employer needs related to apprenticeable occupations.
  • Development Plan –realize and grow interests from employers, raise awareness with relevant training providers, engage training providers that match the curriculum to employers’ needs, maximize government funding, and educate apprentice candidates.

“Apprenticeships bring opportunities to attract new talent, offer progression, and develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce.”


Ready to engage employers in your state and build a competitive workforce that boosts your local economy? We are #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce. Learn how we have helped other state apprenticeship programs be successful. Start a Franklin Apprenticeship Program in your state. Fill out the form below or contact us by phone at 410.774.6580.

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