Apprenticeships Offer New Pathways To High-Paying Jobs

We Don’t Just Build Your Skills. We Build Your Future.


Times have changed. Traditional education is no longer a surefire way to a secure future.

  • Employers are not happy with career readiness of recent grads.
  • College grads are facing higher levels of unemployment and underemployment than previous generations.
  • US student loan debt is $1.48 trillion – which is $620 billion more than the total US credit card debt.
  • 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have yet to be invented.

An apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn” educational career-building alternative that prepares individuals for growth in some of the most in-demand jobs today.

  • Jumpstart a high-paying career in a new field.
  • Avoid college debt.
  • Create a pathway to growth and success.

Education, career development, and recruitment systems are outdated. It is time to challenge the status quo! Apprenticeships provide pathways to real-world training and education that result in a rewarding career and a secure future.  And apprentices earn an average of  $50,000 per year – with advancement opportunities based on individual progress.

Find out about available apprenticeship opportunities in your area of interest, or State.

Franklin Apprenticeships Helps Job Seekers Unlock Their Future Careers By Matching Them With Employers In Need Of Skilled Employees. 

Our State-wide apprenticeship programs offer:

  • Full-time employment from day 1.
  • Work-based training paid by employers that combine “on the job” experience with “off the job” training.
  • Industry qualification/certification and degree programs that keep current with evolving trends.
  • Career kick starts to learn in-demand skills – whether you have experience, or not.
  • Guidance from experienced peers, mentors, and managers.

Individuals who have recently graduated from high school, are in a career that doesn’t fit their skills and passions, are under/unemployed or recently displaced from a job can now find apprenticeship opportunities in IT, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, finance, and more!

Join the movement of Modern Apprenticeships, nationwide. New programs are coming available every day.  Check to see if there is a program in your State, and/or area of interest and learn how we’re #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce.

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