Solve Middle-Skilled Labor Shortages Through An Apprenticeship Program

You Build Your Business. We Build Your Workforce.


The US workforce shortage crisis is growing, especially in the largest part of the labor market – middle-skill jobs.

  • Baby boomers are retiring and taking their intellectual talents with them. Companies need to “train-up” existing staff while competing to fill current and evolving talent gaps.
  • Millennials – even those with a college degree – entered the workforce deficient in hard and soft skills. Many today are underemployed and drowning in educational debt.
  • Gen Z, our next generation of workers, crave a fully immersive educational experience. An entrepreneurial spirit equips them to fill the demands of a future workforce. Yet many are unaware of the diverse skills and opportunities today’s industries offer.

Employers need skilled workers to fill 6.7 million job openings. Yet the college experience has become disconnected from the skills that employers demand, and the cost to compete for talent is high.

Workforce development through modern apprenticeships is a 21st-century solution to recruitment, training, and retention.  Apprenticeship programs, mostly known in the trade industry, now include diverse roles in IT, Healthcare, Finance, Advanced Manufacturing, and more so that employers can:

  • Attract the best employees.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Decrease training costs.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Ensure availability of skilled professionals.
  • Improve community and employee relations.

Franklin Apprenticeships consultants, technologies, and methodologies orchestrate and manage the entire apprenticeship process – empowering employers to grow talent and develop a motivated, middle-skilled workforce.  Our Success Framework leverages best of breed programmatic expertise as a proven model that unites communities, companies, educators, and individuals.

Find out about a Franklin Apprenticeship program in your State, or reach out to us to discuss how to begin a program in your organization.

Unlock Your Access To Middle-Skill Talent, Today

While you focus on building your business, we will focus on building your workforce.  We have the tools, technology, and network necessary to build, execute, and manage modern apprenticeship programs that fit your unique business requirements.

  • Planning and Needs Analysis—build the business case, identify apprenticeable occupations and roles, and align with the local sector strategy.
  • Apprenticeship Program Development –engage training providers, match curriculum with employers’ needs, manage Federal and State registration process, engage and recruit apprentices, and maximize government funding.
  • Readiness and Training— establish employer staff training, Train the Trainer, Success Coaches, Mentors, and culture.
  • Recruitment, Assessment, Registration, and Certification – job board, online assessments, Franklin Skills Tracker LMS/Eportfolio, Success Coaches, quality assurance programs, and review boards.

What do U.K. employers say about apprenticeship programs?


Apprenticeships bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, so it’s no surprise that 89% of employers say apprentices make their businesses more productive.


75% of apprentice employers have found that apprenticeships help lower recruitment costs.


80% of employers say that apprenticeships will play a bigger part of their future recruitment plans.


Unlock the opportunity to attract a diverse, untapped candidate pool and solve your workforce shortages, today.

Only a limited number of slots are available through this pilot!

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