Apprenticeships Prepare Students To Meet Employer Needs

You Build Curriculums. We Build Careers.


Workforce needs are shifting – and given the speed of technological advancements – there is more change to come. 65% of children today will be working in jobs that do not yet exist. How prepared is your institution to educate America’s future workforce?

  • 21st-century education is not the same as it was in the 20th century. Workforce experts and educators alike warn that students need improved 21st-century skills.
  • America has a college drop-out problem. A little more than half of the students graduate, while tuition and student debt continue to skyrocket.
  • Recent reports indicate that 43% of college grads today are underemployed in their first job out of college. Of those, most remain underemployed for 10 years, and the underemployment earnings penalty is on the rise.

How can educators better prepare students to meet the skills employers need and secure sustainable careers?

Apprenticeship programs enhance curriculum development, reduce drop-out rates, advance workforce readiness, chart career growth paths, and facilitate collaboration with the business community.

Highly structured programs that combine traditional education with real-time on the job training, the modern apprenticeship movement is a model of education that meets the demands of today’s economy. Apprenticeships:

  • Increase completion rates.
  • Prepare students for professional growth.
  • Reduce the expanding skills gap.
  • Enhance collaboration with employers.
  • Redefine success and combine learning and peer networks.
  • Encourage community engagement.

Franklin Apprenticeships works with educators to better understand employers’ hiring needs, prepare students for industry-specific certifications, increase student enrollment, and shape an effective apprenticeship program.

Our Success Framework leverages best of breed programmatic expertise as a proven model that unites communities, companies, educators, and individuals.

Learn more about how we are #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce by working with educators to accelerate student success.

Unlock Your Students’ Potential

Our Apprenticeship Management System Offers A Market-Ready Program Built To Double Your Number Of Apprentices In 100 Days.

  • Market Growth Strategy –build the vision, business case and strategic plan, understand employer needs, and increase enrollment.
  • Program Development –develop a high-quality apprenticeship program with a curriculum that meets employer needs, engage employers and identify vacancies, manage Federal and State registration processes, attract and recruit apprentices, and support effective execution.
  • Readiness and Training – develop Train the Trainer, mentor training, and brokering interim delivery options.
  • Recruitment, Assessment, Registration, and Certification – job board, online assessments, Franklin Skills Tracker LMS/Eportfolio, Success Coaches, quality assurance programs, and review boards.

“With the current skills gap we passionately believe that apprenticeships are essential to encouraging, developing, and engaging our leaders of the future.”


Find out how you can prepare your students to meet employer needs through a Franklin Apprenticeship. Get started today by filling out the form below. Or contact us by phone at 410.774.6580.

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