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Apprenticeship Programs

When you think of apprenticeship programs, Ben Franklin might come to mind (hence our name), as he learned the printing business by being an apprentice. Or you might think of an electrician or master carpenter. After all, the concept of employing someone at a reduced wage while they learn on the job dates to the later Middle Ages.

So, what does an apprenticeship look like when it’s paired with 21st-century technology?

An apprenticeship is a great alternative to the traditional four-year degree and all the debt that goes with it. Don’t confuse apprenticeships with internships. Apprentices are paid, and receive benefits, from Day One. They earn important, industry-recognized certifications throughout a 12- to 18-month course of learning, with a corresponding pay increase for each one.

If you’re an apprenticeship candidate, you can expect:

  • An in-demand alternative to a costly four-year degree
  • Training in certified, nationally recognized skills, with classes during work hours
  • Compensation from the first day
  • An alternative to being just another resume on an employment website
  • Three certifications in the first 12 to 18 months, with a pay raise for each one earned
  • Weekly check-ins with your Personal Success Coach to make sure you stay on track

Learn more about these apprenticeship programs and apply, today.

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