Start On A Path To A New Career
With Our Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Franklin Apprenticeships Digital Pre-Apprenticeship Program will provide participants with foundational IT knowledge and skills and help candidates determine if they have the aptitude and mindset for a technology career. It is also a direct feeder into a full-time job with an employer as a Franklin Apprenticeships Help Desk Technician Apprentice. Get started today!

What is the Franklin Apprenticeships Pre-Apprenticeship Program?

Franklin Apprenticeships’ Digital Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed as a bridge to career opportunities for students, new workers and underemployed or unemployed individuals. It is especially appropriate for recently unemployed workers that are seeking a career shift – for example from hospitality or retail into a technology career path.

Additionally, this program is a powerful tool to level the playing field, expanding the talent pool to those populations that are often underrepresented in the tech field. Participants in the program “try before they buy” in terms of entering an IT career. The ability of Pre-Apprentices to perform on the program will be a great indicator to employers that they are serious about working in IT.

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