Frankly Speaking

Are you interested in how tech apprenticeships really work?

Welcome to Frankly Speaking, the podcast that explores how tech apprenticeships really work. Our host Cable Rose, a Franklin Apprenticeship Success Coach, gives us an insider’s view from the real people who are using tech apprenticeship programs to develop the technical skills that the American economy so desperately needs.


With Your Host, Cable Rose

Cable Rose is a 21-year retired USAF veteran. Having spent most of his career in the IT realm, he found his calling during his final years as a Professional Military Educator. That led him into his passion for helping others in the areas of professional development, personal growth, and career progression.


As a Professional Success Coach here at Franklin Apprenticeships, his goal is to provide IT industries with well-rounded, “above the curve” technicians. With a focus on training, educating and coaching his apprentices with not only the most current IT standards, but also the skills, knowledge and behaviors to support practical and professional development.


His Success Coaching skills involve complex communication techniques to actively listen, provide feedback and to engage apprentices in planning their individualized learning program. These skills are also integral to assessing and confirming the apprentices’ competence in relation to work-related/industry standards and life skills.