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The Great State of Missouri is dedicated to increasing the education and skill levels of its citizens, enhancing the state’s competitiveness by attracting new investment/ business growth, and increasing the number of Missourians completing high quality non-traditional, middle skills focused apprenticeships.

Introducing Two New Missouri Based Programs Powered By Franklin Apprenticeships That Benefit Both Employers And Job Seekers:

Missouri Digital

I am an Employer
I am a Job Seeker

Aligned With Missouri’s Talent For Tomorrow And Best In Midwest Initiatives These New Programs Will:

  • Break down barriers for employers to find and train workforce talent.
  • Increase awareness about skills-based learning outcomes offered through apprenticeships.
  • Unlock career opportunities for individuals just entering the workforce or looking for fresh career paths.
  • Speed job recovery for the displaced workforce.

Missouri is unique in that it uses discretionary money for its apprenticeship programs, which further highlights the state’s commitment to increasing the rate of employment in the state.

Opportunities for local employers are open now. Find out more about the  Missouri Digital program benefits, Missouri State contributions to program costs for local employers, and how to enroll.

Reserved slots are also open for job seekers for a limited time. Interested? Find out more about Missouri Digital, how to get paid to learn on the job as an employee from Day One, earn credentials at no personal cost, and begin a path to a career in high-demand industries. Also, see frequently asked questions by prospective apprentices about our Digital programs.

Together with the State Of Missouri, we are #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce!

“At near record-low unemployment, workforce development became a critical issue in the State of Missouri for employers. With Franklin Apprenticeships as a partner, we are increasing the number of employers participating and engaging in apprenticeship programs. These programs help fill the jobs Missouri employers need to improve productivity and innovation and provide opportunities for Missourians to learn in-demand skills. It’s cost-effective for the state making it a win-win situation for everyone.”

Mardy Leathers, State Director of Workforce Development.