Franklin Apprenticeships Is Working To Solve The Digital Talent Shortage

Franklin Digital Apprenticeships Team with The Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Office through the Apprenticeship Innovation Fund

The digital talent gap is widening across all sectors, especially in entry-level, middle-skill occupations. That is why The Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Office through the Apprenticeship Innovation Fund has partnered with Franklin Apprenticeships to help solve Maryland’s IT workforce crisis.

Do you know: Apprentices receive a reduced wage until acquired skills and milestones are met?  For most employers, that represents $10,000 of saved new hire wages.

Do you need access to committed learners anxious to prove their value year over year?

  • Build a motivated, skilled workforce from beginner to degree levels
  • Attract a diverse pool of job-ready/career ready candidates
  • Gain assistance with proven onboarding and mentoring programs
  • Impact organizational culture with committed, loyal employees
  • Uncover alternative approaches to recruitment, training, and support investments

Ready to solve your Digital Talent Shortage?

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With an initial role of Cloud Support Associate, this program will widen the talent pool and build a skilled pipeline of workers through a structured apprenticeship program that includes:

  • On-the-job, employer-specific training
  • Competency-based technical and soft skills education
  • Mentorship and peer-support community
  • Structured assessments and national certifications
  • Selective recruitment processes

What do Franklin Digital Apprenticeships programs include?

An apprenticeship is an EARN while LEARN model. Programs include custom-made training, state of the art apprentice progress tools, success coach programs, and peer networks.

Where do I apply?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Register your interest in taking on an Apprentice by sending an email to
  • Step #2: A Franklin representative will contact you to explain the program, learn about your specific workforce needs and answer questions.
  • Step #3: Interview best-matched candidates provided through the program. The apprenticeship begins once a candidate is hired.

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