In today’s tight labor market, hiring IT talent can seem like a series of tradeoffs. If you want new employees with impressive credentials, be prepared to pay top dollar, and be ready to go through the whole cycle again in 12 months when your new hire gets a better offer. Would you prefer a junior team player with a great attitude that you can mold into a winner? If so, you may need to lower the bar a bit on technical skills.

If anything, your dilemma is worse in 2020 as the pandemic and work-from-home environment have squeezed the talent pipeline even more.

Consider an apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships uncover hidden talent in the market, candidates with customer service skills, passion and an aptitude for IT. Candidates are eager to work and seeking an alternative to the pricey four-year degree. And unlike traditional hires, they come fully equipped with a road map to success and the personalized mentoring to get there.

Franklin’s apprentices earn three Microsoft/CompTIA certifications in their first year, each accompanied by an incremental pay increase on a discounted starting wage. Their progress is carefully tracked by a mentor, so no one falls behind, and you wind up with fully qualified Help Desk or Network Engineer talent. Best of all, our apprentices are incredibly loyal to their employers, with a 95% long-term retention rate.

Plus, if your existing team members need upskilling, they can be moved into the program as well. The perfect solution for your trusted, loyal employees to jump start their own career paths.

You don’t have to choose between skills and passion. Contact us today to learn more.