Slide The IBM Z®
Pre-Apprenticeship: The First Step on Your Path to a
New Career
The IBM Z®
Pre-Apprenticeship: The First Step on Your Path to a
New Career

What is an IBM Z® Pre-Apprenticeship Program?

IBM offers several Pre-Apprenticeship Programs designed as a bridge to a new technology career. These self-paced, pre-recorded, online learning programs are perfect for students, those new to the workforce, or those who are unemployed or underemployed.

One popular choice is the IBM Z® mainframe/enterprise computing pre-apprenticeship.

A Pre-Apprenticeship is a great way to gain foundational IT skills and put yourself in position to apply for a full apprenticeship (or a full-time position) with an IBM client. If you’re ready to move on from a hospitality or retail job, or you’re returning to the workforce after raising a family, a pre-apprenticeship is a chance to “try before you buy” and see if a career path in IT is right for you. You’ll gain foundational knowledge of IT concepts and skills to help determine your aptitude and attitude for a full-time technology role.

Our pre-apprenticeship programs are a direct pipeline to full-time positions with IBM employer partners. Hiring companies include major banking institutions. Employers love the fact that successful pre-apprentices have already demonstrated their determination to succeed in IT and represent a much more diverse pool of talent than traditional employment sources.

Just as with a full apprenticeship, you will have a Personal Success Coach to guide you and monitor your progress, and a pre-apprenticeship will cost you nothing.

Take the first step on your path to an in-demand career: Apply to the IBM Z® pre-apprenticeship program today.

Check back soon to see if this opportunity is accepting applications.

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