Franklin Labs FAQs

A “purposeful aggregation of digital items ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback, etc., which “presents” a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability’ (Sutherland & Powell)

E-portfolios are rapidly evolving in the higher education market, but are new to the US apprenticeship movement. The UK apprenticeship system has used apprentice focused e-portfolios to improve relationships and increase the retention and throughput of learners — which has resulted in increased productivity, profitability, and apprentice completion rates for employers.

Unlike traditional learning management systems that reside primarily in HR departments, e-portfolios are apprentice-owned learning spaces that empower students to take an active part in their own learning process.   By combining learning in an online environment within different contexts, apprentices can connect classroom-based and work-based training, track their individual progress, monitor their progress against specific goals, capture evidence of their learning,  and communicate with their mentors and coaches.

In a nutshell, e-portfolios are highly collaborative online spaces for apprentices to manage their apprenticeship life, learning, and goals.  

Franklin Skills Tracker is a cloud-based, structured e-portfolio developed for apprentices to showcase progress and communicate needs with employers, educators, mentors, and coaches.  It stores and monitors evidence of apprenticeship achievement tagged against objectives, and enhances the advising relationship – connecting apprentices more fully with their support network.

By tracking, monitoring and managing the overall learning process, Franklin Skills Tracker provides visibility to employers, apprentices, and Success Coaches remotely, on any device.   The ability to offer real-time feedback improves learner engagement and eliminates the administrative burden of cumbersome, disparate tracking and reporting.

Simply put, Success Coaches are there every step of the way to ensure the apprentice is able to apply knowledge.   Coaches evaluate and drive forward the successful delivery of training and learning to apprentices in both the classroom and on-the-job.  They work to resolve issues, provide support for apprentices and trainers, and make recommendations to improve the program, if necessary.

Success Coaches proactively steer program success by coordinating and evaluating RTI delivery and apprentice progress with the training provider(s), and by advising and facilitating support assistance for apprentices in need of services such as childcare and elder care, as an example.

They also lighten the administrative load for employers by establishing meeting and reporting schedules with stakeholders, managing completion of apprenticeship workflow, advocating constructive communication between employers and employees – thus increasing employee longevity and loyalty.

Both Franklin Skills Tracker and Success Coach are part of the Franklin Success Framework.

Franklin Skills Tracker is powered by OneFile, the UK’s leading e-portfolio workforce solution and recipient of the 2017 Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Success Coach is offered in partnership with MAXIMUS Human Services, Inc. (MAXIMUS), a workforce partner to government clients serving vulnerable populations, including the provision of employment and training services, since 1988.

Together, they provide the scaffolding to build and execute program success. With our model, apprentices have a 92% completion rate — delivering proven, long-term value to employers and apprentices well beyond program completion.

Yes.  The Franklin Skills Tracker and Success Coach are services of the Franklin Success Framework which can be used to help advance apprenticeship programs in any phase of development.