Franklin Labs Makes Your Apprenticeship Program A Success

Establishing an apprenticeship program can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Not when success starts with a proven framework that includes the key elements of preparation.

Franklin Labs is a component of the Franklin Apprenticeship Delivery Program. Our tools combine best in class methodologies with innovative industry services, technologies, and education. From apprenticeship recruitment to training and mastery, to final qualifications, our process is proven to accelerate and enhance program results and alleviate the angst of internal administrative burdens.

Let us help you prepare your apprenticeship program for success.

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Franklin Labs: is the first national apprenticeship recruitment portal of its kind in the U.S. that connects employers, aspiring apprentices, intermediary training providers, and educators.

    • Career seekers can search for apprenticeships by city, state, and occupation.
    • Employers can promote new apprenticeship programs in both traditional and non-traditional roles.
    • Economic and Workforce Development Departments can attract and retain talent in their communities.
    • Training providers and educators can connect with credentialed programs.

Franklin Skills Tracker + Success Coach

Franklin Skills Tracker, powered by OneFile, is an award-winning electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) workforce training tool that:

    • Improves learner engagement.
    • Tracks, monitors, and manages learning progress.
    • Provides real-time feedback on any device both online and offline.
    • Improves apprentice program completion rates.
    • Establishes working guidelines and goals for ongoing program success.

Success Coaches monitor, assess, and record apprentice progress using Franklin Skills Tracker. Coaches improve program effectiveness with the real-time advisory services that:

    • Safeguards program interests and investments.
    • Maintains apprentice and trainer provider accountability.
    • Inspires, motivates, and coaches apprentices.
    • Eliminates employer administrative burden.
    • Removes barriers to success by coordinating support resource assistance for apprenticeships.

Learn more about Franklin Skills Tracker and Success Coaches, here.