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Opportunities For
America's Employers.
Opportunities For
America's Employers.

Franklin Digital Apprenticeships will help you upskill current employees to fill critical IT support roles.

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As today’s businesses employ a work from home strategy while striving to maintain business as usual for customers, computer support specialists and network engineers play a vital role keeping communication pathways open and secure.

Leaders need to take creative approaches to filling these critical roles. At Franklin Apprenticeships we help you upskill current employees and/or recruit new talent with our Franklin Digital Apprenticeship Program. Our remote delivery model features structured training that includes dedicated Success Coaches for each apprentice.

Let us help you advance the skills of your workforce so you can focus on sustaining your business.

  • Upskill current employees to fill critical IT support roles.
  • Build a motivated, skilled workforce from beginner to degree levels.
  • Gain assistance with proven onboarding and mentoring programs.
  • Impact organizational culture with committed, loyal employees.
  • Uncover alternative approaches to recruitment, training, and support investments via our remote delivery program model.
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What Is Included?

  • Remote delivery of On-the-job, employer-specific training.
  • Competency-based technical and soft skills education.
  • Mentorship and peer-support community.
  • Structured assessments and national certifications (CompTIA and/or Microsoft).
  • Selective recruitment processes including new and/or incumbent employee upskill programs.

Did You Know?

  • Apprentices receive a reduced wage until acquired skills and milestones are met. For most employers, that represents a savings of $10,000 in new hire wage costs.
  • Wage savings are invested in skills training and certifications.
  • Apprentice retention rates are higher than the standard hire.
  • An employer may qualify for tax credit for each eligible Registered Apprentice.

What Are The Franklin Digital Roles?

  • Phase 1: Computer Help Desk/Computer Support Specialist.
  • Phase 2: Network Engineer.

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