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Franklin Apprenticeships Pre Apprenticeship Program

Franklin Apprenticeships’ Digital Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed as a bridge to career opportunities for students, new workers and underemployed or unemployed individuals. It is especially appropriate for recently unemployed workers that are seeking a career shift – for example from hospitality or retail into a technology career path.

Additionally, this program is a powerful tool to level the playing field, expanding the talent pool to those populations that are often underrepresented in the tech field. Participants in the program “try before they buy” in terms of entering an IT career. The ability of Pre-Apprentices to perform on the program will be a great indicator to employers that they are serious about working in IT.

The Franklin Apprenticeships Digital Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide participants with foundational IT knowledge and skills and help candidates determine if they have the aptitude and mindset for a technology career. It is also a direct feeder into a full-time job with an employer as a Franklin Apprenticeships Help Desk Technician Apprentice.

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Franklin Digital Apprenticeships

Throughout the United States, Departments of Labor understand that a lack of qualified employees creates barriers to economic growth. That is why the Franklin Apprenticeships team has committed to roll out its Franklin Digital Apprenticeship program nationwide.

Franklin Digital will help businesses of all sizes meet their current and future workforce needs – while helping U.S. citizens gain access to stable, in-demand, well paying middle skills careers.

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The Skills Gap Has Gotten Wider, Especially In IT.  Employers And Job Seekers Alike Are Rethinking The Benefits Of Degree Programs And Looking For Alternatives.

  • 44% of IT positions require middle skills (more than high school education, but less than a 4-year degree).
  • 10x more technology jobs exist in U.S. compared to college/university tech grads.
  • 47% of HR leaders question higher education’s ability to produce employable graduates.

Franklin Digital is an employer-driven, 12 month managed workforce development program that involves no personal expense for apprentice candidates – eliminating the need for educational debt. In fact, apprenticeships are “earn while you learn” opportunities that offer full-time, paid employment from Day One.

For employers, recruitment, training, and dedicated, certified Success Coaches are included as part of the program. Digital Apprenticeships are the modern way to create, train, and retain loyal, skilled IT employees.

Limited opportunities are open to employers and job seekers. Contact us to learn more about how we’re #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce!

“Employers, educators, and workforce development communities need the ability to execute and build a sustainable apprenticeship model that will unlock the potential of our talent pool. By leveraging digital apprenticeships as a cost-effective workforce, training, and education solution, businesses of all sizes can grow and thrive, as we help them develop their own pipeline of educated and skilled IT employees.”

Kimberly Nichols, CEO and Co-Founder of Franklin Apprenticeships