When 2020 began, you knew you’d have challenges keeping your IT talent pipeline filled, but no one could have imagined the new realities brought on by the pandemic. Suddenly, all those struggles have become even greater, and hiring, training and managing in a remote work environment might seem impossible. Here’s why an IT apprenticeship program might be an even better solution for your organization than before.

The good ones are taken. Anyone hiring IT talent knows this: great talent is hard to find, and when you do, there’s often little loyalty to your organization. The result can be a never-ending game of musical chairs in which your IT clients are the losers.

However, the pandemic has compelled many to reconsider both their career path and the traditional four-year college track, and the result is a hidden pipeline full of smart, skilled applicants for apprenticeships. These men and women are your next Help Desk Level 1 staff, or your next Network Engineers, and they’re loyal to the companies who support them on their journey. How loyal? Organizations employing our apprentices have seen a 95% retention rate lasting for years.

No time to train. Community colleges are closed. Your existing team members are busy getting their work done and quite possibly trying to home-school their kids as well. There’s just no time to acquire additional skills and certifications.

An apprenticeship program is not only for adding new talent, but can upskill your existing team as well. Training time to acquire new certifications is baked into the plan, during work hours, so they don’t need to spend their nights and weekends trying to move ahead.

Remote management is difficult. Managing an IT team is a challenge under the best of circumstances. In a remote environment it approaches impossible. You would spend more time working one-on-one with each team member if you could, but it’s just not feasible.

Every apprentice has a personal success coach who conducts a detailed check-in every week to review progress and challenges. Coaches work to keep candidates on track not only with technical skills and certifications, but with their soft skills and client interaction abilities. In other words, the skills that help you sleep at night knowing your customers are in good hands.

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