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FIS Global IBM Z Apprenticeship Graduation

FIS Global IBM Z Apprenticeship Graduation

Computer science college graduates at FIS Global learn IBM Z skills through year-long tech apprenticeship program 

FIS Global recently celebrated the graduation of their IBM zSystems Apprentices with IBM and Franklin Apprenticeships in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through the year-long Registered Apprenticeship Program, graduates earned certificates from the U.S. Department of Labor and industry-recognized credentials while being fully employed by FIS Global.  

Despite IBM zSystems powering 70% of Fortune 500 companies, these skills are not typically taught in higher education. So, FIS Global partnered with IBM and Franklin Apprenticeships to train recent college recruits with computer science degrees on the IBM zSystems platform (also referred to as the mainframe) via an earn-and-learn apprenticeship program designed by IBM. 

“It’s been a fantastic program and we’re very grateful for that,” said Phil Hiett, Systems Manager, Senior Mainframe – Db2 z/OS Database at FIS Global. “The mainframe isn’t going anywhere. So, I’m always thrilled to see young people learning these skills because they are a pathway to a great career.”  

“I studied software engineering in college,” explained Jack M., one of the graduating apprentices. “But the mainframe is completely different from what I learned in school. The IBMz Apprenticeship really was an incredible way to jumpstart my career.” 

“Mainframe workers can be hard to come by, especially at the entry-level,” said Chris Pryor, Systems Manager Senior, Leveraged Infrastructure at FIS Global. “So, I’m grateful for the program IBM and Franklin Apprenticeships have provided.”   

Shelly Meierarend, IBM zSystems Client Skills Leader, encouraged the apprentice graduates to make a positive impact in the IBM zSystems community. She said, “Continue to mentor, grow and invest in learning why you do what you do. You truly can change the world with what you are now capable of doing.” 

Franklin Success Coaches also attended the ceremony to speak about each of the apprentice’s journeys and successes.  

“These apprentices have not only completed 25 units to develop technical competency,” said Franklin Professional Success Coach, Britt Launius. “They also focused on six professional development skills ranging from conflict resolution to effective communications.”  

Every Franklin Apprenticeship program includes professional development exercises and discussions to help apprentices navigate and succeed in the corporate environment.  

For example, Bhuvi B., one of the graduates, had struggled with her confidence prior to beginning the apprenticeship program. The support she received helped her to grow in confidence.  

“My mentors, my manager, my team, and the support from Franklin made me want to stick with it and keep learning as much as possible,” said Bhuvi.  

Franklin Professional Success Coach, Alison Chapman, spoke about Bhuvi’s eagerness to learn and engage in their success coaching sessions.  

“I could always count on Bhuvi to bring the best questions related to coursework and overall discussion related to various projects that she was involved in into our sessions,” said Alison. “Some of her questions even challenged me as a coach, so, thank you for that Bhuvi!” 

FIS Global Managers also spoke at the ceremony, celebrating the apprentices’ accomplishments and the careers that lay ahead of them. 

“It’s going to be fulfilling and it’s going to be rewarding,” said Tom Kesselring, Senior Director, of Leveraged Infrastructure WP in Mainframe Operations at FIS. “You are our future and I wish you the best of luck.”   

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