Solve Labor Shortages with an Untapped Pipeline of Enthusiastic, Loyal Talent

You Build Your Business. We Build Your Workforce.

You’ve struggled with the ongoing labor shortages in technical fields. Maybe you’ve tried hiring through expensive third-party recruiters or from your competition, only to be disappointed by bad habits developed elsewhere and a tendency to job-hop with every chance to earn a few more dollars. Your existing team doesn’t have time for ongoing training or education, and those interns you hired never came back after the summer.

Worse still, every single one of those issues has become even more challenging in the current work-from-home environment.

It’s time to consider the solution that checks all of those boxes: an apprenticeship program from Franklin Apprenticeships.

We do the recruiting for you from a diverse and untapped pool of talent, including those who’ve decided that the traditional four-year college path no longer makes sense. Apprentices have education time built into their work week, typically earning three certifications within the first year with the help and guidance of a Franklin Personal Success Coach. They earn, they learn, and your organization benefits from a new stream of enthusiastic, loyal employees.

A Franklin Apprenticeship Program:

  • Complements your current incoming talent streams

  • Takes the onboarding and continuing education work off of your plate

  • Can upskill existing team members

  • Features weekly check-ins with a Personal Success Coach

  • Trains on soft skills as well as technical competencies

  • Gets new hires to the finish line: 91% program completion rate

  • Produces loyal employees: 95% long-term retention

  • Taps a far more diverse pool of candidates than typical of the tech industry, with women represented at a rate nearly one-third higher than industry

Our classroom training and coaching are delivered remotely by design, so the work-from-home era doesn’t slow you down.

The Apprenticeship Program Customized to Your Needs

While you build your business, we build your workforce with an apprenticeship program that answers your specific needs and business requirements. We help your team with:

  • Planning and Needs Analysis. Build a solid business case for apprenticeships, identify apprentice-able occupations, and align the program with your desired business outcomes.
  • Apprenticeship Program Development. Engage training providers, match classroom curriculum with your front-line managers’ needs, manage Federal/State registration process, engage and recruit apprentices, maximize government funding.
  • Readiness and Training. Establish staff training program, train the trainers, assign Success Coaches and Mentors to each apprentice.
  • Recruitment, Assessment, Registration, and Certification. Access candidates from our library of talent, deliver online assessments, track the skills gained on the Franklin Skills Tracker, ensure certifications are passed, graduate winners.

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What do employers say about apprenticeship programs?


Apprenticeships bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, so it’s no surprise that 89% of employers say apprentices make their businesses more productive.


75% of apprentice employers have found that apprenticeships help lower recruitment costs.


80% of employers say that apprenticeships will play a bigger part of their future recruitment plans.


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