• What is an apprenticeship?

    Apprenticeships are earn-and-learn programs which support people to build their skills on the job. Apprenticeships help employers build their own tech talent pools, and broaden diversity by removing the requirements of a college degree or prior experience

    Apprentices are full-time employees, who are earning while they’re learning. They work through structured training to build technical and professional skills on the job.

  • How would a tech apprenticeship program benefit my company?

    Apprenticeship programs allow companies to build their own diverse tech talent pipeline instead of competing for the same small pool of tech talent. Apprenticeships help businesses develop highly-skilled employees, reduce turnover rates, increase productivity and lower the cost of recruitment. Additional benefits include:

    • Customized training that meets industry standards, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, resulting in highly-skilled employees.
    • Increased knowledge transfer through on-the-job learning from an experienced mentor, combined with education courses to support work-based learning.
    • A stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
    • A systematic approach to training that ensures employees are trained and certified to produce at the highest skill levels required for the occupation.
  • What is the return on investment of an apprenticeship program?

    Research from the U.S. Department of Labor found the median return on investment is $144 for every $100 invested.

  • How is hiring apprentices different from hiring college graduates?

    With apprenticeships, people are hired for the skills they will acquire – at a reduced wage that will increase as they gain competency. Apprentices learn on the job, and can immediately apply the concepts they’ve learned to their work.

    Apprentices work through structured technical and professional curriculum and are supported by a coach throughout the entire program. At the end of a Franklin Apprenticeship, graduates are fully competent in their roles.

  • How long does it take to complete a Franklin Apprenticeship program?

    Our tech apprenticeship programs typically take a year to complete.

  • Which tech apprenticeship occupations does Franklin offer?

    We currently offer tech apprenticeship programs in cybersecurity, help desk, IBM Z, network engineering and software engineering. Learn more about our current programs here.

  • What kind of certifications to apprentices earn?

    Franklin Apprenticeship graduates earn industry-recognized certifications which are relevant to their occupation and a nationally recognized credential from the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Why does Franklin require its apprentice candidates to first complete a pre-apprenticeship program?

    Our pre-apprenticeship programs allow us to find stellar candidates who have proven their affinity for a specific tech career, and their determination to see it through. A Franklin Pre-Apprenticeship graduate is 100% hirable for their first tech job.

  • Can I train existing employees with an apprenticeship program?

    Absolutely. Apprenticeship programs are a great way to upskill or reskill existing employees. Read more on how FIS Global used a Franklin Apprenticeship program to upskill its computer science graduates.

  • Do you have candidates ready to interview in my geography?

    Probably! We have excellent candidates available nationwide. Contact us here.