The Learner’s Journey with Franklin Apprenticeships

This is a distribution of a previously recorded webinar. Please note: We experienced a pandemic server bandwidth break up in the 11:11 to 12:02 track. Hang in there with us, as the session picks right back up in short order!

Franklin Apprenticeships has been on the front lines helping employers apply apprenticeship as a recruitment, training, and retention strategy.

Are you curious to better understand the role apprenticeships play in helping businesses solve their skilled labor shortages? Listen in as we discuss the Learner’s Journey that occurs while executing a Franklin Apprenticeships program, and the benefits for both learners and employers.

You will discover:

  • The various stages of an apprentice Learner’s Journey from the business perspective
  • The importance of the on-boarding process and what to expect during the 12 months
  • How to determine the appropriate performance level to expect from each apprentice, including upskilling current employees
  • The proprietary, structured components of the program that Franklin Apprenticeships apply to lighten the load from employers and ensure program success
  • What happens after an apprentice has completed his or her apprenticeship

Join us as we outline how Franklin Apprenticeships is working with employers, today, to tackle a workforce strategy for 2020 and beyond. Together, we are #Changing the American Workforce in Challenging Times


Franklin Apprenticeships Learner Journey Webinar: