Few sectors have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than the restaurant and foodservice industries, and vast numbers of workers remain unemployed or underemployed. If you’re one of them, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as vaccinations become more widespread, but it’s likely to be a while before business is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Is it time for you to seek another career path?

The scope of restaurant industry problems

One study reports that the year-over-year decline in seated diners was a staggering 66% as of January 2021. Looked at another way, 92% of restaurant business now happens off-site in the form of curbside pickup or delivery. Taking those industry statistics and translating them to real people, the bottom line is that demand – and income – for restaurant servers is likely to remain depressed for some time to come.

You might still be surviving on unemployment, and there may be help on the way in the form of additional stimulus payments. Or you might have decided it’s time to seek greener pastures. If so, and if you have an aptitude for technology, a tech apprenticeship might be the perfect fit.

Demand for tech jobs

Unlike the foodservice industry and many others, demand for tech roles remains strong and growing. Every indicator suggests that qualified technology personnel see booming demand for their skills in coming years, and companies are actively looking for great people. Most sought after are those with both technical skills and people skills, so your experience interacting with customers in a restaurant setting can be a huge plus.

Tech apprenticeship benefits

You don’t have to take time off to go to school before beginning a technology apprenticeship. Learning happens during business hours, and you’re a paid, full-time, W-2 employee, with benefits, from the first day. You earn industry-recognized certifications as you go and receive a corresponding pay increase with each cert completed. Perhaps best of all, the vast majority of our apprentices stay on as long-term, loyal employees once their training is complete.

All this costs you nothing, and you don’t go it alone: you’ll have a Personal Success Coach to guide you with weekly check-ins throughout your apprenticeship journey.

Apprenticeships are available for help desk roles, network engineer positions and mainframe/enterprise computing, with plenty of demand at the nation’s largest institutions.


If you’re not sure you have the technical aptitude for a career in technology, there’s a way to find out. We offer pre-apprenticeship programs as well, a great way to gain foundational tech skills and position yourself for a full apprenticeship, or a full-time position. Pre-apprenticeships are self-paced and done on your own time, so you can keep working while you learn. Again, there’s no cost to you, and you’ll still have a Personal Success Coach.

Maybe the time has come to stop waiting for restaurants to come back. Think about taking control of your own future with a technology apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship.

Learn more about Tech apprenticeships and apply, today.