The Soft Side of Tech for Help Desk Professionals

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One universal business truth in any industry is this: it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to go find a new one. It’s always a challenge to cultivate new customers, but it gets even harder when you can’t meet face to face or gather at networking events. Given the difficulty of keeping the new-business [...]

Training for In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2021

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Want to know which tech roles are currently most in demand, and which are expected to remain that way into the future? Google is your friend here … a simple search will turn up any number of “Top X In-Demand Tech Jobs” posts. So how well does all that demand mesh with the career paths [...]

Avoiding Burnout in a Tech Role

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On the list of occupational hazards for IT professionals, burnout often occupies the top rung. Working long and/or odd hours is something of a badge of honor in tech, and the repetitive nature of many roles can come to make you resent what you once loved. Here are some thoughts on avoiding – or dealing [...]

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