Cybersecurity and the Future of Apprenticeships

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It was a busy year for the bad guys. Among the many changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has been a greater focus on cybersecurity for businesses than at any time in the past. Here’s a look at what’s happened, and what the future most likely holds for tech apprenticeships in the network engineer [...]

The Digital Future of Retail

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The pandemic forced all of us to find new ways to accomplish things: Getting our work done without being in the office, ordering food without sitting in a restaurant, learning to Zoom instead of meeting in person with business colleagues or family members. We had to learn new ways to shop also, and many retailers [...]

Tech Apprenticeships: The U.K. Shows the Way

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While acceptance of tech apprenticeships in the United States is growing exponentially, the concept has had a big head start in Europe, and specifically in the United Kingdom. So, if you want a glimpse of the future as it relates to apprenticeships in America, the U.K. is a great place to start. Some solid research [...]

The Future Workforce: Where Do Tech Apprenticeships Fit In?

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently completed its 2020 Future of Work: 2020 CTA Member Survey, a wide-ranging look at tech industry workplaces. The survey reflects the many changes to the work environment wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, but what’s really notable is how little the big picture – the hot-button issues for managers and [...]

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