Avoiding Burnout in a Tech Role

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On the list of occupational hazards for IT professionals, burnout often occupies the top rung. Working long and/or odd hours is something of a badge of honor in tech, and the repetitive nature of many roles can come to make you resent what you once loved. Here are some thoughts on avoiding – or dealing [...]

The Path to a Successful Tech Apprenticeship Program

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Employers about to take the leap into apprenticeship programs frequently ask us what actions they can take that will lead to the most successful outcomes. Here’s our advice for launching a program that maximizes the benefits to both your organization and its apprentices. Think long term. As a hiring manager, you often need to plug [...]

Go to College or Go Professional?

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It’s not just a question for athletes. With college debt spiraling out of control and the pandemic severely impacting the traditional “college experience,” many students are reconsidering their options. In fact, a recent Forbes article reports that 40% of entering freshmen say they’re likely or very likely not to attend on campus in the fall. [...]

Hiring IT Talent: Credentials or Passion?

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In today’s tight labor market, hiring IT talent can seem like a series of tradeoffs. If you want new employees with impressive credentials, be prepared to pay top dollar, and be ready to go through the whole cycle again in 12 months when your new hire gets a better offer. Would you prefer a junior [...]

The 3 Problems with a Remote IT Workforce and How Apprenticeships Solve Them

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When 2020 began, you knew you’d have challenges keeping your IT talent pipeline filled, but no one could have imagined the new realities brought on by the pandemic. Suddenly, all those struggles have become even greater, and hiring, training and managing in a remote work environment might seem impossible. Here’s why an IT apprenticeship program [...]

You Just Graduated – Now What Can You Do?

By |2020-05-06T14:30:37-04:00May 6th, 2020|Categories: Apprenticeship Program, Apprenticeships, Careers, Franklin Apprenticeships Careers, IT Apprenticeships, Why Apprenticeships?|Tags: , , |

You spent the last 12, 16, or more years in school. You have invested a lot of hard work. You have an interest in the technology field.  Whether you have applied to colleges, or have just completed your college career — you have some important questions about what you can do to get a good [...]

Proven steps to successfully train new hires, remotely

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With businesses all across the world employing a remote workplace strategy, the way we work, hire and train has gone through a sudden paradigm shift. Your team may be comfortable interviewing people by using teleconferencing technologies — a combination of an initial phone screen, a video interview, an online assessment, and a role play or [...]

Webinar: A Workforce Strategy for 2020 and Beyond

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The Learner’s Journey with Franklin Apprenticeships This is a distribution of a previously recorded webinar. Please note: We experienced a pandemic server bandwidth break up in the 11:11 to 12:02 track. Hang in there with us, as the session picks right back up in short order! Franklin Apprenticeships has been on the front lines helping [...]

Apprenticeships: The Learning Supermind Approach for Upskilling Employees Are You One of the Many That Do This Wrong?

By |2020-04-23T11:39:31-04:00April 23rd, 2020|Categories: About Franklin Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship Program, Hiring Strategy, IT Apprenticeships, Remote Workforce, Upskilling, Why Apprenticeships?|Tags: , , , , , |

Fast Company’s The Future of Work article Companies know upskilling is critical. That doesn’t mean they’re doing it right by Gianna Giacomelli outlines common sense flaws and fixes for upskilling employees. According to Giacomelli, With a growing skills shortage in the workforce, companies are desperate to hire the talent needed to succeed in an age [...]

Calling all Companies Supporting the Work-From-Home Resurgence

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What is your hiring strategy? Carolina Milanes, principal analyst at Creative Strategies and founder of the Heart of Tech wrote a great commentary this week for Fast Company in response to the resurgence in remote work. Working from Home is great for diversity. Let’s keep it going sheds light on the work from home environment.  According [...]

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