Tech Hires: Onboarding in a Work-From-Home Environment

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Finding and training new hires is hard enough in normal times, and the work-from-home (WFH) environment has added many new layers of difficulty to the process. How do you onboard a new team member when they’re literally not on board? It’s no wonder many companies have hit the hiring “Pause” button. You absolutely can find [...]

Proven steps to successfully train new hires, remotely

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With businesses all across the world employing a remote workplace strategy, the way we work, hire and train has gone through a sudden paradigm shift. Your team may be comfortable interviewing people by using teleconferencing technologies — a combination of an initial phone screen, a video interview, an online assessment, and a role play or [...]

Apprenticeships: The Learning Supermind Approach for Upskilling Employees Are You One of the Many That Do This Wrong?

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Fast Company’s The Future of Work article Companies know upskilling is critical. That doesn’t mean they’re doing it right by Gianna Giacomelli outlines common sense flaws and fixes for upskilling employees. According to Giacomelli, With a growing skills shortage in the workforce, companies are desperate to hire the talent needed to succeed in an age [...]

Calling all Companies Supporting the Work-From-Home Resurgence

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What is your hiring strategy? Carolina Milanes, principal analyst at Creative Strategies and founder of the Heart of Tech wrote a great commentary this week for Fast Company in response to the resurgence in remote work. Working from Home is great for diversity. Let’s keep it going sheds light on the work from home environment.  According [...]

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