Apprenticeships in America: Catching Up

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It’s no secret that the United States has lagged behind Europe – and specifically the United Kingdom – in the adoption of apprenticeships. Why is that, and are we closing the gap? A few statistics for perspective: As recently as 2014, an article in The Atlantic noted that only about five percent of young people [...]

Can Apprenticeship Fight Inequality?

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The battle against inequality continues to be front and center throughout American society, and especially in the workplace, as employers devote more and more attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). While there is neither a single cause nor a single cure for inequality in the workplace, our educational system undoubtedly plays a role. Students [...]

How Old is Too Old to Begin an Apprenticeship?

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Many of our apprentices are just beginning their professional lives. Some are fresh out of college, while others are choosing a different path from the traditional four-year degree and getting started straight from high school. Most are career changers. Perhaps neither of those applies to your situation. Maybe you already have some professional experience under [...]

The Disadvantages of an Apprenticeship (and What We’re Doing About Them)

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You might have figured out by now that we’re big believers in the power of apprenticeships in #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce. Every day we see how apprenticeships can not only change workforces, but change lives. “I don’t know where I would be without this apprenticeship,” says a recent note we received from a candidate, and we hear similar [...]

Network Engineers in a Work-From-Home Environment

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Among the main learning tracks in IT apprenticeships is the role of network engineer. Apprentices on this path learn on the job and achieve certifications leading to status as a fully-qualified network engineer. But with more and more people working at home, is there still demand for that role? Absolutely. Here’s why: The Network Engineer [...]

Getting Diversity Right: A New Approach

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In a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association, the vast majority of organizations expressed a goal of “greater diversity and inclusion.” Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts have been a high priority for most organizations, and never more than in the wake of the widespread social activism that marked 2020. Yet a recent article [...]

Still Hiring for a Cultural Fit? Or a Better Culture?

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When you interview a candidate, you’re probably looking for not only the technical skills required for any given position, but also a sense that the person sitting across from you (or on the other end of that Zoom call) shares the attitudes, values and beliefs you associate with your organization … the so-called “cultural fit.” [...]

Tech Apprenticeships: Overcoming Fear in Uncertain Times

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By design, apprenticeships address many significant issues faced by hiring managers and their organizations. Are apprenticeships still a viable answer in these times of remote work and budget cuts? A new report says, emphatically, “yes.” The report, titled “Advancing Tech Apprenticeships,” was produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), who in conjunction with IBM have [...]

You Just Graduated – Now What Can You Do?

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You spent the last 12, 16, or more years in school. You have invested a lot of hard work. You have an interest in the technology field.  Whether you have applied to colleges, or have just completed your college career — you have some important questions about what you can do to get a good [...]

Webinar: A Workforce Strategy for 2020 and Beyond

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The Learner’s Journey with Franklin Apprenticeships This is a distribution of a previously recorded webinar. Please note: We experienced a pandemic server bandwidth break up in the 11:11 to 12:02 track. Hang in there with us, as the session picks right back up in short order! Franklin Apprenticeships has been on the front lines helping [...]

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