Make a Great First Impression!

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Automotive (or IT) Interview Tips that Will Make You Shine You’ve done it! You’ve applied for the job and now you’ve got the interview scheduled. Congratulations! And, chances are, you’re probably both excited and nervous.  If you are, it’s completely normal.  In fact, if you weren’t a bit of both, we’d say there’s probably something wrong! [...]

Recent CTA Report Helps Tech Companies With Workforce Solutions

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently published a practical guide to help tech companies source talent and fill jobs.  Released in November 2019, Why Tech Companies Should Offer Apprenticeships explains the value of apprenticeship in the tech sector and offers insight into navigating and executing apprenticeship as a talent pipeline strategy.  The white paper is further [...]

Building Your Ideal Workforce with Modern Apprenticeships

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As the U.S. faces a skilled labor crisis, the ability to find, train, and retain your company’s ideal workforce may seem too good to be true.  It’s not, thanks to modern apprenticeship programs.  What exactly do such programs offer? Nothing short of the perfect SOLUTION to your workforce needs.  Structure. Opportunity. Loyalty. Unique. Training. Investment. Outlook. [...]