For the inaugural “Changing the American Workforce” podcast interview, Frank Valdivieso, President and CEO of Gryphon Consulting, discusses why he chose to be one of the first employers to participate in our new Digital Apprenticeship program in Maryland.

The shortage of skilled tech workers is a significant problem for Maryland business owners. Finding qualified candidates with the appropriate mix of company-specific skills and cutting-edge training on the technologies being used today has become a top IT workforce challenge.  

To address this issue, Franklin Apprenticeships recently announced that we have partnered with the Maryland Department of Labor to develop a Digital Apprenticeship program for the state. Our new program provides high quality, long-term employees for Maryland employers.

Gryphon Consulting, an IT services company that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses effectively deploy and leverage technology in their organizations, is an inaugural employer of our innovative apprenticeship program.

In this podcast interview, Frank Valdivieso, President and CEO of Gryphon Consulting, and President of the DC Chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), discusses how our Digital Apprenticeship program will enhance his overall business success.

Our podcast provides insights into the following key topics:

  •      An overview of Gryphon Consulting, and the IT services the company provides. (.35)
  •      The top workforce challenges the IT sector faces today. (1.34)
  •      How modern apprenticeships can help solve employer challenges. (2.34)
  •      Why Gryphon Consulting joined the program. (4.45)
  •      What Gryphon Consulting hopes to achieve through the program. (6.28)

Discover how Franklin Digital can help build your IT workforce by visiting our program page here. Or, contact us to discuss starting a modern apprenticeship program in your company.