This Monday, Franklin Apprenticeships officially announced that is has partnered with the State of Maryland to provide local employers with a solution to their lack of qualified applicants in the IT arena – where the demand for tech workers is projected to be among the fastest growing.

The Baltimore Business Journal covered the news, and highlighted how the shortage of skilled tech workers is a significant problem in the U.S., with hundreds of thousands of unfilled cyber positions at firms across the country. It was also noted that Franklin Apprenticeships is initially delivering an IT help desk program in Maryland, and plans to soon offer training for network engineers and cybersecurity specialists as well.

As quoted by Kim Nichols, Franklin Apprenticeships will launch the first apprenticeship cohort in July – with new cohorts being added each month. Groups of 50 apprentices will also be designated a “success coach,” who will monitor each apprentice’s progress as they work through the education and job training sessions.

Nichols said the IT help desk program will act as a pilot for Maryland companies to become more familiar with the concept of apprenticeships, while training employees for an important but relatively low-risk position.

“We see this as a great opportunity to build a skilled pipeline. We hear from lots of employers all the time who are struggling to find talent,” Nichols told the Baltimore Business Journal. “This way, they may have to be open to bringing someone in who may not have all the skills they’re looking for, but though an apprenticeship program can be trained up to meet their needs.”

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