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Top Reads for the New Year

Making a 2020 Resolution Towards Change - Happy 2020 from Franklin Apprenticeships! As we embark on yet another year into the 4th Industrial Revolution, we think it is time for some New Year resolutions - resolutions that can continue to bring change to how we view education and opportunity for America’s workforce. With that, Franklin Apprenticeships would like to keep [...]

Recent CTA Report Helps Tech Companies With Workforce Solutions

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently published a practical guide to help tech companies source talent and fill jobs.  Released in November 2019, Why Tech Companies Should Offer Apprenticeships explains the value of apprenticeship in the tech sector and offers insight into navigating and executing apprenticeship as a talent pipeline strategy.  The white paper is further evidence of the CTA’s [...]

Building Your Ideal Workforce with Modern Apprenticeships

As the U.S. faces a skilled labor crisis, the ability to find, train, and retain your company’s ideal workforce may seem too good to be true.  It’s not, thanks to modern apprenticeship programs.  What exactly do such programs offer? Nothing short of the perfect SOLUTION to your workforce needs.  Structure. Opportunity. Loyalty. Unique. Training. Investment. Outlook. Network.  Each letter of [...]

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A Candid Candidate Comparison: Who Would You Choose for Your Company?

The U.S. is facing a skilled labor crisis. Not only are there more job openings than people seeking employment, 75% of those having trouble finding and recruiting competitive candidates cite a lack of skills as a leading issue.  But what if, instead of sifting through a pile of applications to find the one person who fits some of the requirements [...]

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Bringing Women Back to Tech Through Digital Apprenticeships

In today’s world of a largely male-dominated tech industry, it’s remarkable to think that women played prominent— even critical — roles in the early days of computing. Today, only 20 percent of tech jobs are held by women. In a sector experiencing a faster-than-average growth rate, it’s clear that something is wrong. It’s past time to identify and address [...]

The Top Three Differences Between Apprenticeships and Internships to Ignite Your Talent Pipeline

The shortage of skilled workers is a significant problem in the U.S. that continues to grow. For many executives, talent shortages top the charts as the greatest emerging risk companies currently face.  Apprenticeship programs offer a high-value solution to the growing skilled labor crisis, but are not considered as a natural talent acquisition option in our country. They are [...]