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Tech Hires: Onboarding in a Work-From-Home Environment

Finding and training new hires is hard enough in normal times, and the work-from-home (WFH) environment has added many new layers of difficulty to the process. How do you onboard a new team member when they’re literally not on board? It’s no wonder many companies have hit the hiring “Pause” button. You absolutely can find and train new hires [...]

Micro-credentials: A Shortcut to a Great Tech Career

The pandemic of 2020 has accelerated a trend that was already underway: a shift away from the traditional four-year college degree. Many were already considering alternative approaches, and with COVID-19 precautions so dramatically altering the “college experience,” more career-seekers are looking for better alternatives. One path that’s gaining popularity is the concept of “micro-credentials” or “credential stacking,” Instead of [...]

Success Story: How Can a Success Coach Help You Start a Tech Career?

The background: Anne R. was a member of the first cohort of pre-apprentices in the Franklin Apprenticeships/UMBC program in the spring of 2020. It would be safe to say that she felt a bit lost at first. After a few training sessions with her classmates, she wrote to her mentor, a Franklin Success coach: “… I feel like I’m [...]

The Path to a Successful Tech Apprenticeship Program

Employers about to take the leap into apprenticeship programs frequently ask us what actions they can take that will lead to the most successful outcomes. Here’s our advice for launching a program that maximizes the benefits to both your organization and its apprentices. Think long term. As a hiring manager, you often need to plug a hole in your [...]

Apprenticeships vs. Recruiters: Which Makes More Sense?

If you’re an IT hiring manager, we don’t have to tell you the challenges of keeping your talent pipeline full in the best of times. And 2020 has not been the best of times, with the remote work environment adding several new layers of difficulty to the process of vetting, interviewing and hiring new team members. You’ve probably considered, [...]

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The “Franklin” in “Franklin Apprenticeships”

We’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to explaining the many benefits of apprenticeships, but perhaps you’ve wondered about the other half of our name – the “Franklin” part. Perhaps you guessed that it has something to do with Benjamin Franklin, and you’re correct. Here’s why: Unlike most of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin did not come from [...]

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