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Shifting Gears Mid-Career: Navigating a New Profession in the High-Tech Automotive Industry

Losing your job mid-way through your career was never part of the plan. Your goal was to retire comfortably from a solid job in your industry of choice. Downsizing, layoffs — these were never supposed to happen to you. Re-Starting your Career Engine And yet, here you are: a seasoned worker with an array of highly developed skills, desperate [...]

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The “Chicken or Egg” Debate Among HR Leaders: Credentials or Potential When Hiring?

Last spring, Learning House and Future Workplace surveyed 600 human resource leaders about the nationwide skills gap crisis, the state of hiring processes, and the difficulties of identifying qualified candidates. As job openings in the U.S. continue to rise, nearly half of the HR leaders questioned blame higher education for the skills gap. Approximately 47 percent of leaders surveyed [...]

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Gearing Up for a Shift in the Automotive Workforce

We live in a world inundated with technology, so it comes as no surprise that consumers seek similar digital access and advances integrated into their driving experience. These range from the obvious — navigation, entertainment, climate control, and hands-free access — to innovations in safety, performance, and diagnostics.

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PODCAST: Frank Valdivieso, President & CEO of Gryphon Consulting Discusses the Value of the New Digital Apprenticeships Program in Maryland June 11

For the inaugural “Changing the American Workforce” podcast interview, Frank Valdivieso, President and CEO of Gryphon Consulting, discusses why he chose to be one of the first employers to participate in our new Digital Apprenticeship program in Maryland. The shortage of skilled tech workers is a significant problem for Maryland business owners. Finding qualified candidates with the appropriate mix [...]

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Case Study Interview Part 1: Franklin Apprenticeships Co-Founder Reveals How Microsoft UK Tackles Skilled Labor Shortages with Apprenticeships

Summer, 2019 Franklin Apprenticeships co-founder Dominic Gill has developed some of the most successful skills management training programs for world leading IT companies. Dominic discusses his work with Microsoft Apprenticeships to help solve the UK’s IT/digital skilled labor shortages in the case study interview below. Company: Microsoft UK Challenge: A shortage of skilled talent for Microsoft’s partners and customers. [...]

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Baltimore Business Journal Highlights New Partnership Between Franklin Apprenticeships and the State of Maryland

This Monday, Franklin Apprenticeships officially announced that is has partnered with the State of Maryland to provide local employers with a solution to their lack of qualified applicants in the IT arena – where the demand for tech workers is projected to be among the fastest growing. The Baltimore Business Journal covered the news, and highlighted [...]

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