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No College, No Debt, No Problem

Not so long ago, young people completing their secondary education had a pretty binary choice for the most part: pursue a four-year degree, usually with a big assist from college loans, or learn a blue-collar trade and head into a career as an auto mechanic, carpenter, electrician or the like. There were few clear paths to high-paying, in-demand professions [...]

Avoiding Burnout in a Tech Role

On the list of occupational hazards for IT professionals, burnout often occupies the top rung. Working long and/or odd hours is something of a badge of honor in tech, and the repetitive nature of many roles can come to make you resent what you once loved. Here are some thoughts on avoiding – or dealing with – burnout in [...]

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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Who’s To Blame?

If you’re a hiring manager, you know firsthand about the so-called ‘skills gap’ in cybersecurity, and nearly all IT areas, for that matter. The conventional thinking is that there just aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill those empty seats. In our travels we see a different story. We see a huge pool of talent, in fact a supply that [...]

Fear of Hiring: What’s Holding You Back?

Does your organization have a fear of hiring? With all the curveballs thrown at us in this year of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that many organizations have been hesitant to step up and fully address their personnel needs. If you’re a hiring manager, diversity officer, CTO or CEO, chances are good that right now something is holding you [...]

Getting Diversity Right: A New Approach

In a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association, the vast majority of organizations expressed a goal of “greater diversity and inclusion.” Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts have been a high priority for most organizations, and never more than in the wake of the widespread social activism that marked 2020. Yet a recent article in Fast Company states, [...]

The Buffalo News: M&T Bank on the hunt for diverse hires for mainframe jobs

The Buffalo News: M&T Bank mainframe jobs M&T Bank is on the hunt for diverse hires for IBM Z Mainframe jobs. Learn how Franklin Apprenticeships along with IBM and Urban Institute is helping them find and hire mainframe apprentices for their Z Development program. Read Article

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