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PODCAST: Is This Automotive Apprenticeship for Real???

For Franklin Apprenticeships’ inaugural AutoMOtive! Apprentice podcast series, we ask Scott Turnbaugh, Franklin’s lead Career Agent, and Robin Ferguson, a 20+ year automotive industry veteran, is this apprenticeship for real — or is it too good to be true? With all of the “get a job today” scams circling in the market, you may be thinking that this program sounds [...]

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New Podcast Series Announcement: Navigating Your Road Forward as an AutoMOtive! Apprentice

This month, Franklin Apprenticeships will be releasing a new podcast series to help dislocated workers in the State of Missouri learn about the opportunities available as a modern apprentice in the automotive industry. We understand that downsizing and layoffs were never a part of your plan. And now, as a worker making a mid-career transition, you want to find the [...]

Six Realities of Working in Auto Repair Today

Here you are, mid-career and searching for a new path forward. You want something competitive, a job that challenges you, one that allows you to use the skills you’ve worked hard to develop along with the opportunity to accelerate your earning potential.  You’ve never really considered a job in the automotive industry, despite the fact that it’s rock-solid. And with [...]

Reinventing Yourself After Being Let Go: Five Reasons to Consider an Automotive Apprenticeship

You lost your job. Such a simple statement, yet it’s wholly incapable of capturing the overwhelming complexities you’re facing. There’s certainly the loss of income, but there’s also the loss of identity, and of the ability to define yourself based upon the career you’d hoped to have until you retired.   Grieving the loss of your job is normal — [...]

Franklin Apprenticeships Signs White House’s “Pledge to America’s Workers” to Fill Growing Number of Job Openings in Tech Field

On July 30, 2019, Franklin Apprenticeships announced that it has signed the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers. The Pledge currently has more than 50 CTA members — including previous signatories Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Ford, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Toyota, VISA, and Walmart — that have committed to more than two million [...]

Shifting Gears Mid-Career: Navigating a New Profession in the High-Tech Automotive Industry

Losing your job mid-way through your career was never part of the plan. Your goal was to retire comfortably from a solid job in your industry of choice. Downsizing, layoffs — these were never supposed to happen to you. Re-Starting your Career Engine And yet, here you are: a seasoned worker with an array of highly developed skills, desperate [...]