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How Old is Too Old to Begin an Apprenticeship?

Many of our apprentices are just beginning their professional lives. Some are fresh out of college, while others are choosing a different path from the traditional four-year degree and getting started straight from high school. Most are career changers. Perhaps neither of those applies to your situation. Maybe you already have some professional experience under your belt, or you [...]

Constructing a Career: Dakota’s Story

Dakota works for Pearl Solutions Group as a Help Desk Technician, working with ConnectWise to handle about 15 support tickets and seven calls per day and occasionally going out into the field to handle issues. He’s completed three IT certifications and is on the cusp of fully graduating from his IT apprenticeship. A little over a year ago, Dakota was still [...]

Mainframe or the Cloud? Mainframe and the Cloud?

It’s seems almost impossible that there’s a form of computer technology that’s more than a half century old, but there is. The first mainframe computer, the IBM 360, was introduced in 1964. Here in the 21st century more and more applications are moving to the cloud, of course, so it would be fair to wonder whether there’s still a [...]

The Disadvantages of an Apprenticeship (and What We’re Doing About Them)

You might have figured out by now that we’re big believers in the power of apprenticeships in #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce. Every day we see how apprenticeships can not only change workforces, but change lives. “I don’t know where I would be without this apprenticeship,” says a recent note we received from a candidate, and we hear similar sentiments all the time. [...]

Replaced By a Robot? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Tech Careers

You’ve seen the headlines about all the jobs that will be obsolete in the near future because of the burgeoning use of artificial intelligence (AI), and for decades we’ve heard about factory workers and other repetitive-task roles being replaced by robots. So how real is the threat? Does it make sense to pursue a tech career when AI seems [...]

Cybersecurity and the Future of Apprenticeships

It was a busy year for the bad guys. Among the many changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has been a greater focus on cybersecurity for businesses than at any time in the past. Here’s a look at what’s happened, and what the future most likely holds for tech apprenticeships in the network engineer role. The pandemic and [...]

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