Fast Company’s The Future of Work article Companies know upskilling is critical. That doesn’t mean they’re doing it right by Gianna Giacomelli outlines common sense flaws and fixes for upskilling employees. According to Giacomelli,

With a growing skills shortage in the workforce, companies are desperate to hire the talent needed to succeed in an age that will depend increasingly on advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. For many, upskilling is the only viable option.

Two flaws of the “teach and test” traditional classroom approach are:

  • Teaching skills that have a short shelf life in the unprecedented fast pace of this digital era
  • Studying alone in isolated environments instead of with peers and in real life situations

And, that old-school approach has proven to be unscalable, ineffective, and costly.

Rather, businesses should use the “collective intelligence” of employees to create learning networks. These networks offer a more productive information flow with natural learning. It is the master-apprentice approach to education.

The result, in MIT’s words, is a “supermind,” a combination of people’s knowledge, and machines—which can help curate and transfer that knowledge.

These are transformative times. Businesses must adapt to changing customer demands and new technologies. Innovation through collaboration can be the main source of new usable knowledge.

IT apprenticeship programs create the “learning supermind” as a way to upskill. Proven, established processes help employers to encourage collaboration, leverage knowledge, and innovate groups.

Success Coaches ease the process, speed program development, reduce operational burden, and control costs.

Yet, something not discussed in the article is external education and credentialing. IT Apprenticeship programs take the “learning supermind” one step further. By merging external education with internal execution, apprentices can also earn industry-recognized credentials and certifications.

Do you need to find more efficient ways to train internal teams? Try apprenticeship as the “learning supermind” strategy for upskilling your promising talent.

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