How it Works


Franklin’s goal is to match the right people to apprenticeships in the right tech occupations. Our tried and tested process produces apprentice candidates for employers to interview who are 100% employable by making sure candidates are a good fit for the role before they interview. This also helps candidates as they know they are on a good career path for them because they learn about the field before entering it.

Our approach has been developed in collaboration with the world’s premier experts on apprenticeships, top specialists in technical training and education, and the nation’s top employers.

How to Become a Franklin Apprentice

There are five key steps to becoming a Franklin Apprentice:

Step 1: Review our current programs and apply for one that is the best fit for you. If you have questions about which career path is the best fit, reach out to our Talent Solutions team. (Note: there may be a supplemental application for some programs.)

Step 2: Complete the MyInnerGenius Career Fit – this scientific assessment gauges your aptitude for a technology career to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Step 3: If you are a match, complete the relevant pre-apprenticeship program. These are challenging programs with 80 to 110 hours of guided virtual training, coaching and career readiness support. You will earn recognized certifications and credentials that prepare you for your apprenticeship.

Step 4: Upon successful completion of your pre-apprenticeship, you will be invited to interview with the Franklin Talent Team who will match your interest and desired geography with current employer openings and support you through the interview process.

Step 5: If you are selected for an apprenticeship with a Franklin employer, then you will receive a dedicated Success Coach to support you through your apprenticeship program. If you are not selected, your pre-apprenticeship credentials and career support from Franklin will put you in a strong position to be hired at another company.

Tech Apprenticeship Occupations

Franklin currently offers apprenticeships in seven occupations:

Franklin Apprentices Stats

  • 80%  productivity rate from apprentices within six months
  • 100%  apprentices are competent by the end of their apprenticeships
  • 94%  of apprentices stay employed with their current companies when their apprenticeships end