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If you’ve recently graduated from high school, are ready to transition from a career that doesn’t fit your skills and passions, are under/unemployed or recently displaced from a job, you can now find apprenticeship opportunities in technology, advanced manufacturing, and more.

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A Better Path to a High-Paying, In-Demand Career

Don’t Just Build Your Skills. Build Your Future.

The job market is changing, are you prepared?

Maybe you’re reconsidering the idea of a four-year college degree, and with good reason: college debt continues to spiral out of control, and recent graduates in the ‘wrong’ majors face higher levels of unemployment and underemployment than previous generations. Perhaps you’ve decided that your current career isn’t right for you, or you’re looking for the next step after serving our nation in the military. Or you’re tired of being just another name in a recruiter’s database.

Franklin Apprenticeships offers programs that put you on a path to success.

Apprenticeships are not internships — you earn while you learn in a full-time role, while gaining real-world experience with an employer who’s invested in your future. In a typical first year you’ll achieve multiple technical certifications, and pay increases.

You’ll also have guidance on every step of your journey from a Franklin Personal Success Coach, with weekly check-ins covering not only your technical skills but the “soft” people skills that are in demand with employers.

Here’s how apprenticeships work:

Employers Need You.

Unlock Your Future with Franklin Apprenticeships.

Here’s what to expect from an apprenticeship:

  • Full-time, paid employment from Day 1.

  • Work-based training paid by employers that combine “on the job” experience with “off the job” training.

  • Industry qualification and certification programs that keep current with evolving trends.

  • Guidance from experienced peers, mentors, and managers.

  • A Personal Success Coach to work with you every step of the way.